Thursday, 4 December 2014

Sci Fi Experience 2015

It's here.  The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience, hosted by the warm and kind Carl Anderson over at Stainless Steel Droppings.   This challenge runs from Dec 1 2014 to Jan 31, 2015.
Yes, I'm going to sign up.  I will read at least one science fiction novel between now and the end of January!  Yes, I am only committing to one, because of my dismal finishing of books since Oct 22 (still at 2 books read since then).  I have a whole stack of SF books, and if it weren't so late, I'd take a photo, so maybe tomorrow or the next day for an Advent Calendar treat. 

I have three  SF novels I really want to buy for Christmas: 
Points of Hope, A Novel of Astrieant by Melissa Scott -  just reviewed by Cath over at Read-Warbler, a lovely review. 
Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie
The Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women edited by Alex Dally MacFarlane, one of Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2014
ok, four
A Darkling Sea by James L. Cambias, another of Publisher's Weekly Best Books of 2014

Carl has also just reviewed DA by Connie Willis,which I happen to own and can't remember the ending too, so maybe I can read 2 books for the sci-fi challenge!  DA is a novella, too, so well within my reach (for these days). 

This is a sad state I am in, isn't it?  I hope my mind starts to settle soon.  I miss reading for long stretches of time.  I can do it occasionally, once a week or so now. 

I do really enjoy this challenge. I have read some wonderful books for it in past years.  Here's hoping it can help me slip back into more reading. Thanks for hosting it again, Carl! 


Cath said...

Thanks for the mention, Susan!

I must get my post done... busy at the moment. I thought I would do it today and then ended up making soup all morning.

Like you, I'm not sure how many I'll get to. Two or three would be nice. I suspect I'll read more for it in Jan. than this month.

Stefanie said...

My husband is a big fan of the Mammoth books. I wonder if he has the one you are planning to read? I'll have to check because I bet it's good! Enjoy your reading and the challenge!

Susan said...

Cath: you are so welcome! Thanks for adding to my reading list! No, seriously, I really want to read the book now! lol

Reading during December is always hit or miss for me, depending on how many parties we are going to, children's school events, etc. I'm planning on it being very quiet this year with me at home. Good luck to both of us in this challenge!

Stefanie: That SF Mammoth book does look good, doesn't it? I hope your husband has it. Thanks so much, and I hope I enjoy reading soon again too :-)