Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Book Christmas Advent Calendar - Day 9: distracted by shiny things

So I was supposed to do a post today on my favourite books in other genres I read this past year, however I've been distracted by shiny things and am changing my post to The Books I Most Want to See Under My Tree this year.  I have to warn you, I am not greedy I just love new books - shiny and sparkly too!  So there's a fair number I'm excited to look for:

A Dark and Twisted Tide - Sharon Bolton (Lacey Flint #4)
One Was a Soldier - Julia Spencer-Fleming ( Rev Clare Ferguson # 7)
Through the Evil Days - "     "        "            ( "       "         "           #8)
Thin Air   -  Ann Cleeves (Shetland mystery #5)
Murder in Thrall - Anne Cleeland
 The Fire Engine that Disappeared - Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo (Martin Beck #5)

The Martian - Andy Weir
Forty Signs of Rain - Kim Stanley Robinson
The Echo - James Smythe

City of Dragons (Bk 3, Rain Wild Chronicles) - Robin Hobb
Blood of Dragons (Bk 4,  "      "        "            )         "      "
The Dream Thieves   (Book 2 The Raven Cycle) - Maggie Stiefvater
Year of the Griffin - Diana Wynne Jones

Parasite - Mira Grant
Blackout - (Newflesh Book 3) Mira Grant
Mayhem - Sarah Pinborough
Coldbrook - Tim Lebbon

The Fabled Coast - Legends and Traditions from around the shores of Britain - Sophia Kingshill, Jennifer Westwood

H is for Hawk - Helen MacDonald

London - A Social History - Roy Porter
If Walls Could Talk - Lucy Worsley

Anything by Jo Shapcott
Penguin Selected Poems and Prose - Edward Thomas
To Be the Poet - Maxine Hong Kingston
A Thousand Mornings - Poems - Mary Oliver
Evidence    -                                     "   "
Thirst -                                            " "
White Pine -                                    " "

Ok, I don't have a reasonable expectation of receiving all these for Christmas.  That would be rather wonderful spectacular, wouldn't it?   I think I did this list - which I am giving to my husband and eldest son  as they prepare to go out in to the wilds of Ottawa to Christmas shop over the next two weeks -  just to show myself that even if I can't read for long yet, I have high hopes that I will soon.  In the meantime, these are the books that I  want to have ready lined up on my shelf for when I do begin to read a lot again. 

What do you want to see under the tree this year for yourself?  Do you have any particular books picked out yet, or on a list given to a loved one? 

*shiny*     *sparkly*  new books!!!!!


Cath said...

I'm after Boris Johnson's book on Winstion Churchill. Fair's Point by Melissa Scott (the last in the Astrient series), the Terry Pratchett book of essays (non-fiction), and Mystery in White by J. Jefferson Farjeon (fab name!)

Peter's been reading Kim Stanley Robin recently and really enjoying the books.

Susan said...

Cath: you are really enjoying the Melissa Scott series, aren't you? I looked her up in one of our bookstores, but they only have online e-books for the most part. Hoping my library has some so I can see how they are :-) Which Kim Stanley Robinson books has Peter read? My ex loved the Mars series by him, read when they first came out several years ago. I'm missing one in the series so I can read it.

Let's see what's under our tree this year :-)