Sunday, 7 December 2014

Book Christmas Advent Calendar - Day 6: My daughter loves books

Book Christmas Advent Calendar Day 6:  My daughter loves books

Today my daughter became a reader, a lover of books.  She is almost 12 years old, her birthday is in two weeks' time.  Holly-Anne was slow to learn to read, and for a long time she struggled with how to hold the story in her mind while she did other things.  We kept finding books for her that she was interested in, many featuring dinosaurs or animals, as she loves animals.

Then early last year, she discovered the Dragons of Fire series, and she was hooked. "Dragons!" she said.  She read all the ones that had been published. (She is waiting impatiently for the next book in the series to be published next month.)  In the meantime, while she was waiting, last year all the kids in her Grade 6 class were reading this new series:
 Spirit Animals.  Holly-Anne devoured all of them and is waiting impatiently for the next one in this series to come out, in January also.  The cool thing about this series is that popular children's authors are penning different volumes in the series, so it is a great introduction to each author's writing styles. Maggie Stiefvater, Shannon Hale, Brandon Mull (book 1), and Tui T Sutherland so far.  Some very big names.
  In desperation this past summer after finishing the last Spirit Animals book so far, she picked up a cat series book I had randomly picked up at a used bookstore for her, Warriors: Midnight by Erin Hunter. She read it, and then discovered that the books actually started in an earlier series, so she went back to read that series first. 

This morning, she finished book 3 (borrowed from the library) to one of the first sets.  She was restless after.  Got up from the sofa.  Tried to watch some tv.  Tried to play her Pokemon on the 3 DS.  Finally she came to me and said, "Mom, are you going out today?"  I asked why, secretly hoping.  "I want to buy the next book.  May I?"  Well I'm never going to say no to that, am I?  Her father was going out in the afternoon, so they went out to the mall where she knew the bookstore carries the cat clan series, and she bought the next two books in the series.  When she got in the door, she promptly opened the next book and started reading it.

My little girl.  Almost a tween, and now a book reader.  She needed to know how the cat clan goes on after the big fire!!  A story lover.  She took her own allowance money to buy the books for herself.  I am so proud and delighted.  My daughter is buying her own books and reading them as soon as she gets home. 


Jeane said...

My ten-year-old is crazy about the Warriors books. She's read nearly all of the series. I never saw those other two series you mention, I will have to see if they pique her interest too!

Belle Wong said...

My sin loves the Warrior cats series too! I'll have to check out the Spirit Animal books for him.

raidergirl3 said...

Aww, best story ever! Those Warrior books - my daughter went through a spell. Trying to get the next in the series at the library, but having to order several at a time - fun. But if they are reading...

There is also an Owl series, which was made into a movie. Like the cats, but owls. I'm partial to owls;)

Susan said...

Jeane: I'm so thrilled that all our children are reading the same books! I think your daughter will enjoy the other two series, Holly-Anne loves them.

Belle: This is so cool, that all our kids are reading the same books! I think your son will like The Spirit Animal books then, if he likes the Warrior cats series.

raidergirl: This is so interesting that all our kids are reading the same books/series. It's awkward with the Warrior series there are so many different sets of novels within it, and yet it's not phasing Holly-Anne at all, which is so good to see. Good luck getting yours at the library.

What's the name of the owl series? I think my daughter will be interested, she loves all animals so I'll see if I can find it here for her. Thanks so much :-)

Emily Birch said...

How exciting to watch your child blossom into a reader! I haven't read any of those series, but they're all popular at the library where I work.

Susan said...

Hi Emily: Wow, these are popular books, aren't they? I had never heard of them until Holly-Anne brought them home. It's good to see kids reading, isn't it? And who can resist dragons and cats?? lol

Cath said...

What a lovely post! I can so understand how thrilled you are. Our grand-daughter (14) is a huge reader and always has been but our grandson (8) is still a work in progress. lol Boys being that much harder to turn into readers. We're getting there but he's easily distracted by shiny things. ;-)

Susan said...

Cath: thanks so much! My youngest son Graham is 10 now, and just beginning to read - mostly graphic novels like Bone and comic strips like Garfield, though he is reading so that's all that matters. What is your grandson reading when he's not distracted by shiny things? lol
It's lovely that your granddaughter is such a good reader. It is a pleasure when our children (and grandchildren) find the same pleasure in reading that we do, isn't it? What is your granddaughter reading now?

Cath said...

Ruth has always loved anything in YA fantasy, horror and some sci-fi. Currently she's reading any Dr. Who novel she can lay her hands on and is working her way through the Sherlock Holmes stories (She's a huge Sherlock fan). She also loves Manga novels. I think her teachers would like her to start reading more adult 'classic' fiction, and she does read a little, but I reckon there's time enough for that. Btw, I *so* wish she could meet your family. I suspect her and Holly would get on like a house on fire. :-)

Scott's thing at the moment is the Lego books. He's 8 and really into lego. There are some cracking books on all the fantasy lego characters you can get. My daughter got him one book with some birthday money in Oct. and he adores it so we got him the Star Wars Lego book for Christmas. The trouble is, he has distractions Ruth never had... iPad games and so on. Very hard with boys and I'm so pleased you're getting there with Graham. I'm pretty sure Scott will discover graphic novels at some stage and that's fine. It's just good that they 'read' something. :-)

Oh... the other thing he's reading with Jenny is Zombie Dawn by Tanya Landman. The author came to the school where my eldest daughter works, so she grabbed 2 of her books for Scott and got them autographed. He 'loves' the book! Might be something Graham would like...

Sorry this is so long-winded! LOL

Susan said...

Cath: Your granddaughter is reading so widely! Dr Who and Sherlock Holmes is quite a difference - I think I'd like her, too, since I read like that when I was her age :-) I think you are right, she and Holly-Anne would get along too.

Ah, well, Graham is like Scott, he'd rather be playing on his X-box/playstation/Wii/computer than reading! lol This is from his school and us insisting on 20 mins of reading at home each day (quite a bit gets missed anyway). He's learning how to read bigger books and is somewhat afraid of them. I think whatever gets them reading is good :-)

Ooh I will look for Zombie Dawn for him then. He is fascinated by scary things at the moment. Thanks so much, and you are never long-winded, Cath. Your posts and responses here are always delightful :-)