Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Book Christmas Advent Calendar Day 16: Connie Willis short story e-treat

A special treat for science fiction and Christmas readers:  Connie Willis' new e-book All Seated on the Ground is available through Subterranean Press (link here) at a low price (really low!) for the next few days.  This is a new story by her featuring her trademark humour and romance.  As the site says, ...."she's also a huge fan of the holidays and their accompanying frivolity and nonsense, and has written a marvelous array of Christmas stories, including Miracle and Other Christmas Stories, “Just Like the Ones We Used to Know” (made into the CBS movie Snow Wonder), “deck.halls@boughs/holly”, and now the hilarious “All Seated on the Ground.”  
Sadly this book is not available in e-book in Canada!  *sob*   Nook book (Barnes and Noble), Amazon in the US, and Kobo in the US only. So, if you are in the mood for some humour and a good Christmas story, and you live in the US, this is your e-book advent calendar treat for the day.  It sure is would have been mine.  Happiness is a new Christmas story from Connie Willis!  Extra happiness would be if it was available to users everywhere. I hope the publishers are taking note......At least I just received a copy of her book Miracle and Other Christmas Stories for my X-mas box.  I can console myself with at last being able to read these through the holidays. My advent calendar treat for the day!



Eva said...

You'll have to report back on the Christmas collection you've gotten (how frustrating to not be able to get the novella!). I have very mixed feelings about Willis; I loved To Say Nothing of the Dog, found Passage interesting if flawed, didn't care for Doomsday Book at all, and was ultimately bored by Blackout & All Clear. So at this point, I'm guessing she's not for me, but if the collection is like To Say Nothing of the Dog, then I'll want to read it! hehe

Belle Wong said...

Oh, that's too bad! Sometimes I wish I'd never converted my Kindle account to the Canadian store :( I will have to check out the Christmas short story collection.

Susan said...

Eva: That's interesting that you and I have different reactions to Connie Willis. I loved Doomsday Book, found To Say Nothing of the Dog enjoyable but light, Passage still haunts - those images at the end - and have read Blackout and have All Clear waiting to be read. I also love Bellwether by her, one of my favourite SF books. I'll report back on the Christmas book for sure! :-)

Belle: I am so happy I have that Christmas collection now! It is too bad that the book was only available to US readers, but it was through Subterranean Press, so maybe that had something to do with it. I really wish they would bring out her collection of short stories The Winds of Marble Arch in paperback. I didn't get the hardcover when I saw it, and it's been unavailable in either editions since.