Thursday, 18 December 2014

Book Advent Calendar, Day 18: in which we are sick, and books I want under the tree

So my family have slowly succumbed to a virus this week.  A cold in one child, a sore throat and hoarseness, and chills in the other child.  Husband is now losing his voice.  And today I could feel it creeping in, the virus, making me move so slowly, and start to ache everywhere.  Throat no deep bookish thoughts or long post today, my dear readers.  Instead, my bookish advent calendar item for the day is a question to you, dear readers:  Is there a certain book or two that if you don't find under the tree this year, you will go out and buy in the new year?  If so, which book is it?  I'm curious to know what you are longing to read.  Myself, I'm really hoping to find The Martian by Andy Weir,

and  The Fabled Coast:  Legends and Traditions from Around The Shores of Britain and Ireland by Sophia Kingshill and Jennifer Westwood.

 A third book I just discovered and REALLY want to read is The Clockwork Dagger by Beth Cato.  It's not on my list, I found it after I'd given my wish list to my husband.

So I suppose the question I am also posing to you is, should I tell him that I've found another book already I really want?

*****Edited to add:  I must be really sick, since I already blogged about wanting the first two books under the tree in an earlier advent calendar post!  lol  I suppose this post is about finding that last-minute book that you really like the look of, and is it too late to ask for it?  


Belle Wong said...

Oh no! I hope you all feel better soon. I loved The Martian. I listened to it in audio and have bought it for my older son for Christmas. I was very specific this year when it comes to the books I want, so fingers crossed. If I didn't get Syllabus by Lunda Barry, I'd definitely buy it for myself. The fables book on your list looks very interesting - I'm adding it to my to-read list!

Belle Wong said...

The Fabled Coast! I'm on my iphone and if I scroll up while typing a comment, my keyboard stops working.

Susan said...

Belle: We are all sick here now! We spent the evening watching tv shows again. Thanks for the good wishes, I hope we feel better soon too.

I'm so thrilled to see you liked The Martian that much too! Christine at Bride of the Book God says The Explorer by James Smythe is even better than The Martian, so if you're looking for something else for your son (or for you)....I have bought The Explorer for my Christmas box :-)

Yes, fingers crossed then we both get The Fabled Coast for Christmas! I guess it never is too late to add a book, is it? lol