Saturday, 20 December 2014

Book Advent Calendar Day 20: Dark night of the solstice, and some links

    I have declared this a  pyjamas day for us all here in my household.  We are all in various degrees of this virus, with my husband and I having very bad sore throats today.  I think the universe wants me to be silent and listen more.  Which, as it's Dec 20, and the day before the solstice, is something I was hoping to do anyway.  This year the solstice is extra special with the new moon occurring on the same day as the solstice.  So this is like the dark of the year, and the dark of the moon, combined.  Here is a link to a blog where Beth Owl talks about the significance of tonight.
Beth Owl is a tarot card reader and one of my favourite blogs to visit for insights in how to live more naturally with the seasons.  This has been a long-time goal of mine. I've only recently come to realize that I want to hibernate during the winter season, including through some of the holiday season.  This is the second year in a row that we are all sick at the beginning of the holidays, so it looks like we all need some time to be quiet when the holidays start.  Do you notice something similar, or another kind of rhythm, when the holidays start for your family?  Do you go to a lot of social activities - work, school for the children, friends?  I used to do more.  I love gatherings and potlucks and parties, open houses, though as I've gotten older I've realized that I am truly an introvert and gatherings tire me more quickly now.  So it's about finding a balance between social activities and quiet time now.  Have you discovered anything similar for you?

Celebrating the solstice
 There is something refreshing about silence, and about thinking about the meaning of this season.  It is the change from one year to the next, so one thing I like to do is think on what I learned this past year, what I'd like to leave behind, and what I'd like to let in and learn about in the next year.

Some fun links:
 Scary Icelandic terrors for Christmas:    **Shiver.**  These would have been terrifying to hear about as a child!  And I still have to buy two articles of clothing for two of the males in my family.

Crimson Peak:  Oh my goodness, anything that  features Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddlestone in a Gothic setting is going to be fun!  This is something to look forward to next year when there are no more new Hobbit or LoTR movies to look forward to. Just look at this picture released by the movie company:

Lovely dark stuff. 

Happy last night of the solar year to you. 


Belle Wong said...

I like quiet at home time with the occasional festive get-together. I've never been big on parties as I find them draining. I like small dinner parties, though, and wish we did more of those!

Eva said...

Barbara Brown Taylor's newest book (Learning to Walk in the Dark) is all about darkness & I think would be a wonderfully appropriate book for this time of year. I'm getting ready to celebrate the winter solstice, which I do on my own; in fact I pushed back my plane dates to go home for Christmas so I could at least have a Northern solstice. *happy sigh* I'm off to investigate your links!

Susan said...

Belle: My youngest son is really pushing for us to stay at home for the entire holidays. Family time is what he wants. So despite the fact he likes people, it's us he wants! I am cherishing it this year, as he will get older one day, and not want to do much with us when he does (until he reaches adulthood!) Interesting that you find parties draining too. Small dinner parties are the best, I find.

Eva: ooh, thanks so much for the book tip! I hadn't heard of it before, and I think it would be perfect for now as well as for me. Its' been such a hard autumn in so many ways. We're celebrating the solstice too tomorrow, very quietly. I love the change of seasons, and the return of the light. I hope you have a lovely celebration tomorrow up here in the dark and the snow and the woods! and a good trip home after for Christmas. Happy solstice tomorrow, Eva!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I think you're right -- there's something to be said about learning to live with the seasons instead of against them. The last couple of winters have been tough for me, so I've been trying to be more proactive about ways to help myself embrace the season (and address some issues of no light and cold temperatures). I hope you all are feeling better soon!

Susan said...

Kim: I have found it so difficult over the years to accept winter! usually I fight it and dread it and can hardly wait for it to be over. It's taken me a long time to learn that stillness is good, too, and that the cold - well, wear lots of layers and bright scarves and mitts for colour and try to be outside as little as possible! I live for the summer, I do admit this! lol

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