Friday, 5 December 2014

Book Christmas Advent Calendar Day 5: Suzanne Vega - Book Of Dreams


This is one of my favourite songs. Her voice is light and sweet, and in the lyrics, she describes some of what dreams are like - a mix of images and things taken from the day, to reveal hidden truths.

I also keep a dream journal, and have for many years.  Over the years I have found my own recurring symbols and themes, and then it's fun when they change or added to in my sleep by what happens in my waking life!  I'm fascinated by dreams and what they reveal, and by how they  contain the same themes the world over, and  yet are different for each and every person.

In a way, this video is also like how a book can only contain what is put into it, made up of various symbols that have meaning to the author, and the miracle is when someone else understands the book, too.  How difficult communication really is, and how marvelous when it is obtained.   Books are magic, and hold so much in them.  Anyway I love this song so I thought I would share it with you as my bookish theme for today's advent calendar!


Elizabeth said...

You may be interested to read a recent publication on dreaming called Heads Up Dreaming by Carlyle T. Smith.
It is a very readable book on dreams and how they may give you a "heads up" about something in your life. I really enjoyed it. He talks about keeping a dream journal so it made me think you may find it interesting.

Susan said...

Elizabeth: thank you so much! I will see if I can find it. It certainly sounds like something I would look at, and I haven't heard of it before. Thank you :-)