Sunday, 16 December 2007

A Touch of Panic

So.....finally finished A Touch of Panic by L.R Wright, 2nd book in my Canadian Book Challenge list. It's nice to get another one done! it took me far longer to read than it should have, though, because life has intruded on my beautiful reading schedule: Christmas - no matter how I plan, I always have to shop for Christmas for several days in mid-December!; work - taken on a supervisory role - temporary - that is creating stress with other members in my group, that I didn't know was affecting me until this week; and then the news that my brother went into the hospital for emergency surgery earlier this week, for a tumor in his intestine, all very unexpected. He is making a recovery, but as we have a family that has broken down, he is not speaking with any of us so it's been hard, and much harder than expected to want to be able to support him but not be able to. It was hard to read these past two weeks, hard to concentrate on much when not working. While we wait for news on whether the tumor was cancerous, my brother is heading home tomorrow. Normally I can turn to books but with everything else going on in my life, and Christmas preparations, yiiyiiyii!!! My reading has dropped again.
We are just ending our second snowstorm in a week. At least 20 cm have fallen today, wild winds making it dangerous to go I did get A Touch of Panic finished, in the brief moment that the kids let me read! I have to read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert as it is out from the library on 'express loan' and I've already renewed it the one time allowed! It's due back Thursday. So, A Touch of Panic is a good read, a solid mystery, with believable characters that continue from one book to the next. It's 4th in the RCMP Staff Sergeant Karl Alberg series, set in the wonderful Sunshine Coast of BC, in Sechelt. The ending has a twist that is rather interesting, and i might pick up the next one to see what happens. The one thing that was disappointing was the serial killer......there is no satisfactory conclusion regarding the number of women he may have killed, nor the discovery of the one hidden around the house (I don't want to give everything away for the Gentle Reader who does want to read this). However, the portrayal of his madness is creepy and effective, and his stalking of Cassandra (love interest and recent move-in girlfriend of Alberg) is realistic. The book ends with an unfinished feeling, because several storylines are continued (or should be), instead of being a complete book within a series. It feels like a linkage book. I can recommend it, as a light, enjoyable read that has the air of British Columbia's coastline about it, and for anyone who has been to Vancouver (the Sunshine Coast begins just north of Vancouver), the scenery will bring back memories.
Now, onto Eat, Pray, Love, which I have seen appearing on many TBR lists or books read this year, which is part of what prompted me to pick it up. As I love food, have been divorced, and often thought running away to Europe to soul search was a wonderful idea!! - I think I will enjoy this book. I hope so!
Having made chocolate chip cookies - homemade cookies soothe my soul, at least - I am now attending to the Christmas cards that have been waiting for my daughter's school pictures to arrive, which still aren't here. At least if I get the cards ready, I can pop them in the mail as soon as the photos do arrive. The school promises this week! So, I hope wherever you are, Gentle Reader, you are enjoying the preparations for Christmas or whatever you may celebrate, and remember - or find time! - to hold close and spend time with those you love. Merry last week before Christmas!!!

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Jodie Robson said...

Aargh! pre-Christmas preparations! I am never as organised as I hope to be, which means hardly at all.
Sorry to hear about your brother's illness - having a rather complicated family myself I can sympathise with what you must be going through. I hope despite all the stresses and strains you will be able to relax at Christmas-time and feel restored by it.