Saturday 22 November 2014

breakdown and some book talk

        So.........that was not intended, that blogging break.  As most of you know, I live in Ottawa, Canada, the capital city of our country.  The shooting that took place here on Oct 22 has had an effect on me due to past traumas, and I am now off work for an undetermined length of time.  Something happened at work that shocked me deeply that day.  I won't go into details here, except to say that it is a kind of breakdown and means I am now in therapy to heal. 

You would think this would leave me plenty of time to read.  I am so sad to say the opposite has happened.  I am only able to read a little, an hour or there, a few times now 2 hours in a row, though it's difficult for me to concentrate in the second hour.  I know because I was reading the ending to Revolution by C.J. Sansom this morning, and even though it was incredibly gripping, I had to force myself to concentrate to get through the ending.  I get easily distracted, loud noises bother me, and I'm still in a kind of state of alert still.  Concentrating on anything is difficult, even tv and movies I get bored with quickly.  So, please bear with me over the next few months as I work my way through what's happened to me.  I want to talk about books! 

It has been so bad that other than buying a book at the end of October, I haven't been able to look for books really.  If I go into a bookstore, I gaze at the shelves, knowing it's futile to look when I can't read what I have at home.  I was beginning to despair - Christmas is coming!  I have two books so far on my Christmas wishlist - Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food, and the new Stephen King - Revival . Nothing else. Would I even get a list started this year?  Then, today, I felt a little bored - yes, bored! I want to know what's new in books.  I went to a blog randomly, a RIP roundup, and there it was!  A book I WANT TO READ!!!!

Jackaby by William Ritter. The blog I went to was We Be Reading, her post with the book is here.

Part of my difficulty with reading is that I couldn't read mysteries with their murders since Oct 22.  A young man died during the shooting here, and I can't read much made-up stories while the grief and the horror are still fresh.  So I've picked up so many books in the weeks since and put them down.  I have a stack of first chapters' read books now.  I can't get past most of them, not yet.  So to finish Revolution was fabulous.

I was doing so well before the shooting in terms of my reading goals.  I was up to 76 books, and figured I could get to 80 before the end of Oct, and so had a good chance of getting to 100 this year.  That goal is gone.  It was a goal, but as with many things, since Oct 22, it's not for me right now.  Now, finishing a book is a goal for me to know I am mending in my mind and spirit.

So, while Jackaby looks light and fluffy, it also looks fun and adventurous and in the past.  Yes, so far the books I have been able to read - 2 so far - have been set in the past.  The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory  - I figured based on historical fact, and their lives were much more stressful and dangerous than mine, and Revolution by Sansom.  Both set in Henry 8th times, too.  Hmm.

Anyway, no book review today, and I will do a final RIP round-up hopefully during the week. I wanted to let you know that this break was not intended, and that I do miss being able to talk about books regularly.  I miss you, dear gentle readers.  I will be in as I'm able to. More, now that I've been able to start again.  I hope.  Fingers crossed.