Thursday, 7 August 2008

Weekly Geeks 13

Well, I am behind! Or, rather, I finally have some time to do the Weekly Geeks again! The summer rush of travelling and visiting is slowing down, and we are already gearing up for school. The youngest (the one the angels are working overtime on now keeping safe) is getting ready to start Junior Kindergarten in September, so he is changing daycares - tomorrow is his last day at the only one he's known, and on Monday he starts at the one his big sister goes to, which is a smaller daycare and right down our street. All this to say, I am thrilled to be doing the Weekly Geeks this week, as it will take my mind off the changes - I'm sad to say goodbye to ABC daycare, who have taken wonderful care of both Holly-Anne and Graham for 4 years, and very excited that they are both at Vicky's daycare, together for the first time, and in a home setting. And he is starting school, which since he saw Holly-Anne get on the schoolbus a year ago Graham has been asking and counting down towards! We are getting a little gift to say goodbye to the daycare, and of course, you know me - it's a gift certificate to my favourite independent bookstore, Collected Works, which is in the same neighborhood as the daycare centre, and has a great children's selection of books.

Now, on to this week's Weekly Geeks: favourite author photos! I am picking:
- photos of my favourite authors (all represented)
- photos of any authors I have met (even briefly) - 1
- and photos of the hottest authors! -2
Guess who they are correctly - they have all been mentioned on my blog at some time, and let me know. I'm giving away a book as a prize to the one who gets the most right. Because I'm doing this so late in the week, I am going to extend the deadline to Sunday Aug 10 at midnight. I can't tell you the book title yet because it will give away the author!!

Here they are:

And, I have to admit, that just adding the photos of the two authors who I think are 'hot' has me kind of breathless (they're on my blog!!) kind of like revealing a secret crush...well,yes, that's exactly what it is!!! I was never any good at this in high school either, so I'm soooo glad no one can see my face right now!! You would think that after having been married twice and having three children I would be past this, but it seems not. I still blush as much as I did when I was much younger. And link here if you want to go back to Dewey's site to see more bloggers pick their favourite/hot authors.....


raidergirl3 said...

I'm not going to play because I won at bybee's this week, but great post! There are some cutie's there for sure.

Kim L said...

It is too late at night for me to guess right now, I'll see if I can try it when I'm less.... exhausted?

Carl V. said...

I am soooo excited that there is a new Patricia A. McKillip book coming out. Did you see that she will be awarded a lifetime achievement award at the next World Fantasy Awards?