Thursday, 14 August 2008

The Olympics

I was doing really well with my reading, and then the Olympics came on. I love watching them, so if I am quiet here, never fear, I am cheering Canada on!

When are we going to win a medal?? Two fouth-place finishes now....the closest we have come. I enjoy the competition, and usually we are more competitive.

My own 'Olympic' reading is Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which I am enjoying so very much. Why did I wait so long to read it? Ditto Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes.

Hope you are enjoying the Olympics, or if you don't care, then I hope you have a wonderful book to take you through this middle week of August, and the coming full moon eclipse on Saturday. It makes people a little crazy, don't you know, eclipses of the Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is a perfect book to read!


Kerry said...

I'm enjoying the Olympics, but New Zealand is probably doing similar to Canada. The closest we've come is a fourth in the swimming - and the national channel carrying the coverage lost the sattelite signal just as the race ended. Lots of people were unhappy.

Bree said...

Did you change your colors (blog colors)? I like the green and I don't remember it being green.

Anonymous said...

You won't be surprised to hear that The Bears have ben camping out in the television room ever since the Olympic started and although they've had a little more to cheer on the GB front I have to say it's been noticeably quite in there.

I really ought to try 'Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell' again oughtn't I? I really didn't get very far last time.

mariel said...

To be honest I haven't really been following the Olympics. Its been either sunny, so that I go out frolicking, or pouring down with rain, so I curl up next to an open window with a book! Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is a fabulous book choice! I hope you love it as much as I did.

Jeane said...

The Olympics have been interfering with my reading time, too.