Sunday, 3 August 2008

Interesting posts at other blogger's sites......

Ok, I am cheating here. But I am out of time again on a Sunday night, another day in which I don't even attempt to do the Sunday Salon - not that I've joined the group, but I want to!! all my company is gone, we had a lovely visit and I got to give tarot readings to my sister, niece, my eldest son, and niece's friend last night. So my mind is a bit frazzled, what with so much visiting and travelling, late nights talking and too much work at work. Therefore, I am cheating and sending you to various posts that I have seen on different blogs as I set up my links to them again (thanks, sis!! an unforgettable visit! "sure, I know how to do backgrounds....I'll just press this button. Oh, it's not saved? Ah, uh-oh. Ooops. Well, you wanted a new background anyway....") and letting others entertain you - the posts are worth seeing!

Raidergirl3 at An Adventure in Reading has this to say about the Bookers. As she says, do you pay attention to the Bookers?

Ann at Table Talk has this to say about Hilary Mantel's article in the paper in the UK this weekend, on authors reading other work while writing. Do you have any comments? do you read to learn about the human experience (and only for this, as Hilary posits) or do you read to be entertained? This was Ann's Sunday Salon, so please go and leave her comments and open up the discussion. You'll find my thoughts as a reader and a writer there.

Stefanie at So Many Books has a fun post on a study of book readers called the 'Modus Operandi of Avid Book readers'. Do you agree? As she says, it doesn't reveal us to ourselves , we already know how we read and how our experiences affect our reading, but when we are trying to encourage others to read, this is something to keep in mind.

The unforgettable Emily at Telecommuter Talk has TWO 40 answer memes. She's not the Queen of Memes for nothing!!! oops, double negative, I should say: all hail the Queen of Memes!! and they are both fun, and not ones we have seen (or I haven't anyway, but I am still baby blogger). Look for me to do them very soon!

Charlotte at Charlotte's Web has done the second of Emily's memes.

Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf has posted her Weekly Geeks #13, so for those of you who don't know what it is yet, visit the link. I will be posting my authors shortly.

Bybee at Naked without Books has already posted hers. How well do you know Bybee? Can you spot her HOTTIE??

Carl here at Stainless Steel Droppings has an amazing library shot, plus photos of his book/desk area (I feel better about my desk already! although he has a good reason....), a contest, a giveaway, and a review of the Dark Knight here. I am saving myself for a review of the movie until I can do it justice, mostly I need some time! because I loved this movie. There is so much thought put into this movie, so much creativity and genius in every part of it. It is breathtaking (literally! in some scenes!), moving, haunting, dark, and soooo satisfying. I will first in line when it comes out in dvd! and I have to go see it again, because there are so many twists and plots that I know I missed things. And I want to watch the actors this time, because they are so good and make Batman and the Joker alive (how could I feel sorry for the Joker even when he's ranting? and then feel this terrible ache again because Heath Ledger isn't here - both for his family and for the rest of us - and he is the Joker) and it is acting genius from everyone involved. It is better than Ironman, which is one of the best movies of the summer (especially in the fantasy genre). Anyway, will save the rest for a proper post, but do go see it. It is worth it. And Carl has posters too :-)

John at The Book Mine Set has a link to a blog who has excerpted 'tips on how to write a Canadian novel" from Will and Ian Ferguson's How To Be A Canadian. He wants to know if the description fits the Canadian books you have read, either for his Canadian Book Challenge or on your own. And, if you haven't joined, it's not too late to join this year's Challenge which is only a month old. I'm not even on his list yet since I haven't read a single book yet in my challenge list!

Which brings me to the sad confession that I managed to read one book from July 16 to today: one. Yes, one book in two weeks. I think I can say in answer to that question on one of the Booking Through Thursday questions a while back: do your reading habits change with the seasons? I had said no, but now I have to give an emphatic yes! Yes, I read slightly less in the summer! I had read 5 books in July before the 16th, so I am keeping pace (with myself, but I am dismayed that I didn't read more! I did have a good holiday, and lovely company. Just not plenty of reading!

I am still in the process of adding many links, to challenges, and to other book blogs, so if you don't see your name in the list (and it was before), please don't worry! It's coming! And I do not have an exciting new blog since I cannot figure out how to do a great banner like Carl, Chris (Stuff as Dreams), Rhinoa, Bride of the Book God, both Stephanies and Nymeth all have. Someday I will! but in the horror of deleting everything, my sister forgot to show me how to do the banner.

The kids are camping out in the living room since it is a civic holiday tomorrow. So I'm being called to mom duty. Happy reading, everyone! It's good to be back.


Bybee said...

Your new look is so crisp and makes me want to redecorate!

The Dark Knight opens here August 7. I have a date on August 9 with Mitzi to see it in Seoul, but it's turned into a huge group now! Fun! I can hardly wait...then the next day is book group! This week is gonna feel so slow!

Two hotties on my authors post. Yes, I'm shameless. A hussy.

Stefanie said...

Not cheating at all. You've reminded me of a few places I haven't had the chance to visit in a while. Thanks!

Susan said...

bybee: I almost called you a hussy! I guess I can't ask who the other hottie is, I'll have to wait like everyone else! Guess I'd better go do my authors.....your week next week sounds great!

stefanie: you're welcome! I loved the Emerson post you did too, as always! If you did Weekly Geeks would he be one of your hottie authors or just a favourite?

Nymeth said...

I once completely messed up my blog when editing the html, but luckily I had remembered to save a copy of the template!

As for getting your own personalized banner, this tutorial is pretty helpful.

I can't wait for your post on The Dark Knight. I loved it too.

Anonymous said...

Definitely like the new look and not at all bothered about any 'borrowing' you've directed me to some interesting posts. Have a good rest and then do come back refreshed and join us over at the Salon. It's a great way to spend a Sunday, chatting with bookish friends.

Bibliophylia said...

I love the round-up of other bloggers! Thanks! I agree about reading habits changing with seasons. I'm in grad school and get in a lot of reading during vacations, but my reading falls off while I'm in school, especially the closer I get to the end of the semester.

Susan said...

nymeth: if you were here, I'd give you a big hug. Expect an exciting (well, to me anyway!) new blog header soon!! :-) thank you!!

table talk: I really enjoyed your comments on Hilary Mantel's article. I usually check the Guardian Books site, but don't have time to check all the other papers, so I'm glad you let us know what writers are says. I will check out Sunday Salon more often, and i love the idea :-)

bibliophylia: I know, I try to keep my reading levels the same, but some times of the year it does change. What are you studying at grad school? I never managed to read many books while at university, mostly because I was taking English literature and already had so much to read, and I was working too. I was so glad when I graduated, I could read what I wanted to, again, freely, without guilt!!

Carl V. said...

I appreciate being a benefit of your 'cheating', thanks for the link.

Dark Knight was indeed an amazing film. I found my second viewing of it to be every bit as incredible an experience as the first time I saw it.

heather (errantdreams) said...

No worries---taking care of yourself when busy is important, and sometimes it's fun to get pointers to other articles I might not find otherwise!