Wednesday, 27 August 2008

a rare treat

So there I was, happily reading my sister's blog at Lady P's Cosy Corner, when I come across pictures of me! Here
and here. If you are interested, everyone (ie husband, daughter and youngest son) but my eldest son in my family is among these photos, plus you get the added bonus of my sister and her daughter and friend. There. You can't say I haven't shared!

And, Patricia was always far more creative than I was. See the background on her blog? that's what got me started way back a month ago and lost me the original blueprint of this blog.

Enjoy! Hallowe'en isn't too far away if pictures of us start popping up! And yes, I'm older than she is, by 364 days....

****added shortly after, my sister has moved to a new blog, Patricia's Pages. The same posts with the photos are on the new one also, here and here. So you can find them at either blog, for now.****


Patricia said...

Har har har - you finally got around to checking out my blog eh? I just sent off a small box full of photos for you plus a set (copies) for you to send to Toby's parents. Also in the box you will find your house keys you lent me...hee hee hee...they took a cross country trip with me by accident!!

Patricia said...

If you go into older posts you will see photos of the kids running & at the Museum.

I moved to Wordpress because I like the layout better and you can add the pages in a snap. I'd love to have a more colourful background but we'll see.... I've envied the wordpress layout for a long time and so far am happy with the switch.

The autumn leaves is my picture. For the blog picture the blog itself slices a little piece from the picture. Some that I tried looked horrible.

Say, is daughter in school yet???

Susan said...

no, Holly-Anne starts next week. She doesn't want to talk about going all day to school, surprisingly! And Graham is settling into the new daycare (although VIckie had a rough day with him today), and he starts on the 11th . My baby, off to school!
The house keys....that's right. I'll let you know when it gets here, thanks!! I do love some of the photos, and I saw the post with the girls in the park, but it was 1 a.m. and I had to get some sleep! so I didn't leave a comment. fun photos, sis! And are your kids in school yet, or is that next week? Where did August go?