Monday, 4 May 2009

a lovely award and two very bad bloggers........

Zetor is a fairly new blogger from Northern England, who has some lovely photos sprinkled throughout her posts of the countryside around her home. She has awarded me the Tinkerbell award - an award giving because my blog shows caring, here. Well, this has me touched, and I'm very grateful. In a life full of challenges, it's the kindness we show to one another that's so important, that can make or break a day, or a soul. Zetor has a lovely photo of her sheep and the countryside that I've just spent some time gazing at, since she lives near York, my second home in this wide world, here . Thank you, Zetor!

In my turn, in order to not to offend the fairies (and as per yesterday's excerpt from The Blue Girl, in order to not draw their attention......), these are the rules for passing it on: 'The only requirement for this award is that you shared it with whomever you like, sharing the love is always a good thing. The blog has to show only one characteristic, caring. So, start sharing this enchanted award with five other bloggers. Let your bloggers know they have received this enchanted award. (Remember, fairies are fickle wee things, don't incur their displeasure by ignoring their gift). '
At this point I would like to add my own personal feelings about awards: I am always delighted and touched when I get one, because it means my blog has meant something to someone. My personal feeling is that every blogger deserves an award, and indeed, every award out there. I hate feeling like someone is left out. It's like those sides the team captains were forced to choose from the dwindling squad of not so talented people, at school; I was always second to last picked. While I was always glad I wasn't the last person, I also felt so badly that there was someone even more last than me. So while I am awarding Tinkerbell to the five people below, I'd also like to give this to every one of you, my Gentle Readers, because no one should be left out of having a little Tinkerbell fly across their blog. Just because we love books and the wonder of reading, we all deserve this award! Please take it and share it, because I really think being kind is a good way to be on this planet.

I am giving this award to
1. Molly at My Cosy Book Nook
2.Daphne at Somewhere I Have Never Travelled
3. Stephanie at Stephanie's Confessions of a Book-a-holic
4. Eva at A Striped Armchair, and
5. Marg at Reading Adventures.

Now, the last two are getting this award not only because they are charming and kind and helpful to everyone else, but because last night when I was finally able to come visiting blogs again, upon Eva's site I found this post Oh for a Recency Beau on a Victorian drama, a BBC production of North and South, based on Elizabeth Gaskell's novel of the same name. The reason I am including the link is because she has gotten a You-Tube 2 min video of 'the proposal', which she said was equal to Darcy's first proposal to Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. I dare you to go watch it and see if it does compare.
Marg is included because her blog was Eva's inspiration: this post, on Richard Armitage, who is the male star of North and South, and the dvd player that would only play North and South the dvd set.

Now, Richard Armitage was last seen by me on The Vicar of Dibley, as the incomparable BBC producer who the Vicar falls madly in love with, only to be shown up by a beautiful Irish girl. I have long wondered where 'Tristan" ended up, and it's here. And he's even better here than he was in The Vicar.

Eva and Marg are bad bloggers because once I saw 'the proposal', well then I had to see the beginning of the series, all on You Tube. Two and a half hours later, I had to pry myself away to go to bed. I still have another two hours to watch. And it's good. And Richard? Oh yes. He gives Colin Firth a run for his money. Intense, smouldering, passionate.

I know what one of my birthday presents will be: a dvd copy of North and South, so I can wind and rewind to my heart's content, on the large tv. Oh yes, they are two very bad bloggers indeed. If there were a blog award for most tempting post, they would get it!!!

I dare you, Gentle Reader, to go see "The Proposal" on Eva's site, and not want to watch more Armitage and North and South. Me? I'm going back to You Tube now. Armitage was about to bring the Irish workers over the strike line.......


Daphne said...

Aw!! Thank you so much! You are so sweet! I will figure out how to pass it along, tomorrow... that is so sweet of you. You deserve it too!

Marg said...

Thanks so much for such a lovely dedication! You like Richard now, wait until you get to the end of North and South! Sigh.

Molly said...

Hi Susan!!

First of all, thank you so much for passing along Tink to me :) I am honored and will post about it a little later.

Secondly, thank you for introducing me to Zetor's blog!! I absolutely LOVE the sheep picture (it is just so peaceful) and I look forward to following her posts in the future.

Elizabeth Gaskell's books, Cranford and North and South, have been on my TBR list for quite some time (in fact, I am hopeful to read them for the 18th/19th Century Women Writer's Challenge this year). I will definitely check out the youtube clips.

Debi said...

Such a lovely award, and much deserved, Susan! It is always a treat to stop by here and visit...such a warm, cozy, inviting, caring place! Have a wonderful day, Susan!

chrisa511 said...

You always put such a smile on my face Susan :) I loved reading your thoughts on awards...I feel the same way all the time...I just don't give them out anymore which is probably just as bad :p I'm going to be dropping your penpal off in the mail soon by the way! Finally, huh??? Did I ever tell you how much I love, love, love my bookmark that you sent me??? I use it all the time :D

Susan said...

Miss D: thank you! You know I love your owls - your art, and all those cookies you keep showing us, and how you take care of your partner. :-D

Marg: I'm beyond sighing, I've decided he might possibly be the best romantic lead EVER, and even on the small you tube screen, I've rewound that ending so many times already! You deserve this award, I might just be watching the dvd every month - I'm getting it either for Mother's Day or my birthday.....and I can hardly wait, oh Richard on the TV screen! Now I'm drooling.....

So a Tink award was the least I could do for you! lol

Molly: You're welcome too! And isn't zetor's blog soothing to go visit? Like she is giving us a cup of tea. And frankly, if I could figure out a way to get a copy of the sheep picture, I'd blow it up and frame it in my house! what a stunning view. Lucky lady! I'm glad you liked visiting her blog too.

Did you check out the You Tube clips yet??

Debi: thank you so much! If you hadn't already got it, I would have given it to you too. You have gotten it, right? your posts always make me laugh, I wish I had your light touch with words, and such good humour.

Chris: I was kind of wondering if you got the bookmark! I'm so glad you got it. I'm really looking forward to your penpal mail too! Yaaay!!!

As for awards, I think we should all decorate our blogs with the awards we like! lol that would make it easier and stop the air of favouritism that I'm always afraid will creep in. I like all the blogs - everyone spends time and care on them, and love. I do like your new blog, - very cool appearance and comments section, too by the way.

JaneGS said...

As a hardcore Janeite and a devoted Gaskell reader, I loved reading your post today (and I stumbled on your blog because I have a Google alert set up to find fellow Gaskell readers). I too find Armitage to be a wonderful Thornton. If you're interested, I wrote a series of posts on Austen and P&P's influence on Gaskell and N&S in particular:

Susan said...

Jane: I'll come over and visit! I'm a Janeite too, very hardcore so I'm delighted to meet you, and I did notice a few similarities between P&P and N&S, though notably that kiss at the end of N&S is just fantastic. I'm so indebted to Marg and Eva, or heaven knows how much longer I would have gone in ignorance of this lovely show, and we even had it on tv here in Canada and I ignored it! It's now on my wishlist for my birthday and Mother's Day, which are within a week or so of eachother. I'm getting it!

Eva said...

Yay!!!! I agree: he's definitely Firth's equal, if not his better. Now you understand my confusion about why North and South is so much less known than P&P! :D

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