Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Wednesday - after the storm

Well, it's Wednesday, and the storm has just finished dumping about 8 inches over the day. It looks like winter out there! Lovely snow on the ground, making everything white and clean. There is something wonderful about the first snowfall of the year. It's quiet when the snow falls, like the world is hushed, and then the next day the sun glints off the snow and everything is bright. Winter in Canada has begun! The kids had a snow day, which means no school - no buses were running for them. They were so happy, but because it was stormy much of the day, tomorrow our yard will be filled with footprints and attempted snowmen and snowballs.

It can't be two weeks until Christmas! I am so not ready!!!!

Virtual Advent Tour Dec 9

Alexis at The Amazing Adulthood of Alexis has a fun post about the movies she watches every year with her sisters. I agree with two of her choices, which are ones we watch every year at our house. I love A Christmas story, Ralphie and his crazy wonderful family and the BB gun, and Love Actually is a movie my husband and I watch every year at this time. How about you? Any favourite Christmas movies you and your family watch at this time of year? Drop in and let Alexis know, she'd like to know what family movie traditions you have. I enjoyed this post. I'm hoping to find time to watch some over the holidays!

Cindy at Nocturnal Wonderings has a very fun post about how they changed the gift buying habits to get a fun reaction at present opening time. It's something I am thinking of more and more these days; what do we buy when we have enough? Well, other than books, I never have enough of them! Some days I want to just get silly things, or support the World Wildlife Fund in someone's name.....something that doesn't have to be important and 'the gift'. I think Cindy and her family have got it right - it's about the surprise, after all, and what better way to feel like a child again, for a morning?

Lesley at A Life in Books has a post about two of her favourite recipes for this time of year. Once again, I find myself wanting to rush to the stove to try them!! Yummy sausage balls, and Newfoundland Snowballs from our own Newfoundland. I can see the sausage balls becoming a family favourite too here. Yum! I'm getting hungry.

Kim at Page After Page was due to have a post today also. It doesn't appear to be up yet. I'll check tomorrow. Meanwhile, she has lovely pictures of her new granddaughter up, for anyone who needs a quick baby fix!