Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday night....

Because it's late and I am too tired, here is a link to a great site to visit: Endicott Studios has for their Sunday poem, a collection of six Little Red Riding Hood poems. In perfect keeping with the OUaT 2 Challenge we are all doing, and National Poetry Month. Three of my favourite poets are represented there - Anne Sexton, Carol Ann Duffy, and Jeanine Hall Gailey, who I discovered at their site. I love Carol Ann's "Little Red-Cap". And I love Little Riding Hood. One of my favourite horror movies is "The Company of Wolves", based on an Angela Carter short story (about Little Red Riding Hood) which I will be reading in her short story collection "The Bloody Chamber" next month. I've never read it before and am very anxious to get to it. She is my May selection for the birthday challenge, so I have to wait....I adore the artwork Terri Windling showcases on this site, and the book reviews and posts on happenings in the fantasy world make this a must-visit blog for me. I hope you enjoy it too, and find inspiration and good books to read, there!

Meanwhile, I have been busy reading. I finished "Shaman's Crossing" by Robin Hobb. I will be writing a review, hopefully tomorrow. (Loved it, folks, ecstatic fantasy fan here). I started "Suite Francaise" by Irene Nemirovsky this evening, and am having a hard time putting it down. Since I had the same welcome difficulty with Shaman's Crossing, this is delightful!

I have some book reviews to catch up on, and I've been tagged by
Emily to do a meme, and am sorting through various weird things about me to find what i want to make public!!! (How weird am I? stay tuned to find out!) Thanks, Emily! Hers was fun too, so I've linked to her post also so you can go find out how weird and wonderful the book blogging community really is. She's hilarious, which I know I've said before about her.

My husband is currently out of work - between contracts with the government, so it's putting added stress on us here. If I post slightly less in the next while, it's because I'll be reading more, my usual way of dealing with stress. Good for getting through my challenges, though!!!

Happy reading, and remember to read a poem or two for National Poetry month! I figure reading the six on Endicott studios site is an easy way to bring some poetry in!

Oh, and Bloglily gave a beautiful post on libraries yesterday at her fun site Bloglily. I've linked you to it. It's worth reading too. And now it looks like I'll be heading back to the library for a bit, until spouse lands his next contract.....I just hate having to let the books go back to the library! I am so reluctant to take them back out of my house.... I know they're not mine, but I want them to be!!! Then I end up owing late fees (even though we can renew a ridiculous amount of times) because I think i will take them back, but then I am reluctant to go there, or I renew a week after they are due!....but a great resource and a way to try authors and books before buying them. My problem is I like so many books and authors, I want to keep them all! I want my very own library!! there I said it, one weird thing...I want to build my very own Susan's Library..... I think I am a book junkie as well as a book slut!


Nymeth said...

Isn't The Company of Wolves great? I love that movie. The story is great too, but it's of course much briefer. I can't wait to see what you think of The Bloody Chamber though!

I love how Angela carter developed her original idea when writing the movie script, and I love how the movie captures that old haunted fairy tale forest mood so well.

Carl V. said...

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's work. I hope things pick up very quickly.

I love visiting Endicott's site. They always have something great there. I awoke this morning to read/listen to the musical artist they featured this morning and became an instant fan. Her music is beautiful.

Susan said...

nymeth: I love the movie for so many reasons, and one of them is the one you mention, how it captures the feel of old fairy tales. I can hardly wait for May! (for many reasons - spring!! my birthday! and now Angela Carter to read!!)

carl: thanks for the words of encouragement. Since he moved over here from England in 2001, he has only found one permanent job that he got laid off from shortly after getting it (restructuring etc). It's been difficult sometimes, but usually he is able to find work quickly - we do live in a government town, Ottawa is the capital of Canada and most of the Federal departments are here. It's getting into the government that is hard!
Endicott's site is one of the things that makes me really happy the internet exists. If we can't get to see the originals of all the artwork, poetry, stories and musicians she presents, at least we get to see a second-hand version online. I expect there are a whole world of fantasy sites i haven't found yet! but hers is close to perfect. Now if I only had time to read all the books they keep blogging about!!! I'll go visit shortly to see what i think about the music. thanks, carl!

Emily Barton said...

Sorry to hear your husband's out of work. I know that can't be easy. Enjoy the added hours of escapist reading, though, and here's to his finding something soon.