Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A quiet Wednesday

Stephanie at So Many Books is giving away a Margaret Atwood poetry book, for anyone who is interested. I have to admit that I have not read any of Atwood's poetry until Stephanie put two on her blog. Now, I'm a fan. The second one, from today's post on her site, really applies to anyone who write :-) or wants to write.
Eva at A Striped Armchair is also doing a book give away, but first you have to do a very fun "match the quote with the book and author" challenge. I entered and I think I did very well - not perfect, there's two books I have no idea about - but most are fun quotes we all should recognize!! and Eva is so kind that for those who don't win the prize (Calvino's If On a Winter's Night a Traveller ) they will be entered in another draw to pick a book off her shelf of books looking for a new home :-) sounds good to me! So come and play!!
Another giveaway is at C.B.James at Ready When You Are, C.B. "the Master" by Colm Toibin, which was short-listed for the Booker Prize. He ended up with two copies and wants to give one away!! I'm entering...must read more prize-nominated, he's running a vote for the most popular Booker prize winner, so if you don't want the current leader "The Blind Assassin" to win, then please come vote! Since I have read exactly one winner, I'll have to vote for the Life of Pi....if only I read more prize winners!!! Not that I don't like the Life of Pi (and it's Canadian!), but I'm not sure it's the best Booker Prize winner ever...
Verbatim at Verbatim: Wanna Book has an amazing giveaway - she will buy you any book on Amazon you want so long as it is paperback, and you join in the BAFAB week - Buy a Friend a Book Week. So find a book a good home,and let her know, and see what you'd like on Amazon! (I wonder if she knows how many of us have long wishlists??) and do a good deed for a friend (and a book!) at the same time.
Nymeth at Things Mean Alot is giving away 4 books!! Plus a surprise one!! So it's a fun draw, and all you have to do is leave your name. There is a surprise 5th book, which is one I'm pulling to win (I really really want to read this) so you don't have to put your name down for this one - the fifth book, I mean. Please do enter the contest!
Both Literary Feline and Eva have other give-aways for BAFAB week celebrations, they are worth checking out, but I won't list here since going to their sites is also very fun! Both are sites I regularly visit.
So, good luck to us all!!!

I am very happy because finally, the ice and snow covering our sidewalks is GONE so I can at last, after two months of being unable to walk at all, I am finally able to start my long walks again. Tonight after work I walked over the bridge from Hull to Ottawa, in the sunshine, and my heart was overjoyed at the light! It wasn't warm - we set the record for a cold March, unfortunately, and I am beginning to hate the sight of my winter coat - but, it was sunny, and the ice is gone, and it's safe to walk on sidewalks again. I did my three miles, and it was good. :-)

And that's it for this quiet Wednesday. My Senators are on the verge of not making the play-offs (after almost winning the Stanley Cup last year!) and my Arsenal did so-so tonight in a big game (if *Nick* were here we'd be drowning our sorrows and blacklisting the referee AND stupid bloody Liverpool...), so I'm going to make it a strike for three and go try to finish Inkheart so I can stop carrying it everywhere!!!
Happy reading, and I am going to try to find a home for a book or two, or maybe I'll buy a favourite and send it to my sister or's buy a friend a book week! My bright idea: I think this should be a holiday so we could have more time to read! To go with World Book Day :-)
Happy reading, everyone!


Lady P said...

Oooo, buy a friend a book ~ yes as your LSS (sister) I deserve a decent read. Maybe I'll send you one you send me a small list of wants?

Kristen didn't like french immersion until grade 5 when something finally clicked. I fought both her and John to keep her there. After elementary school was finished I gave her the choice of leaving but she insists on staying in now and wouldn't change it for the world. Unfortunately NB is doing away with early French Immersion in favour of some intensive programme aimed at everyone starting in grade 5 or 6. It's the biggest mistake...and it'll cost them plenty in the longrun, of that I have no doubt! Tell Holly-Anne she will be able to talk french to her cousin!

It's supposed to be sunny today and boy, do we need some rays soaking in the skin or at least face! Just seeing a blue sky and sun seems to zap people here with energy and a zest for life.

Nymeth said...

Thanks for spreading the word about the giveaway! And yay for long walks...enjoy them :)

Eva said...

Good for you for all that walking! I'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather, so I stay inside with my yoga. :D

Chris said...

Isn't this BAFAB Week crazy? So many book giveaways! I did one last time and I wish I would've again this was fun. Oh well, next time.

I can't even imagine snow. Glad it went away for you! We're supposed to be in the mid 80's today! Enjoy your walk :) And stop lugging around that big thick book ;)

Susan said...

lady p - I'll email you the book list! tiny, ha! :-)
Holly-Anne was practising French tonight at the dinner table, asking how you say "help me please" and "truck" in French. Her accent is very good so far - she can ask to go to the bathroom now, in a full sentence!

Nymeth - You're welcome, you are giving away some wonderful books!

Eva - I've done yoga and really enjoy it, but it's been a few years, have to find a quiet place and time away from toys....walking gets me out of the house! But I agree with the cold, I hate it.

Chris - this is my first year on book blog world, so these giveaways are something new and exciting! I wish i had some good ones to give away, and if I had known this was going to next year, like you, I will be better prepared!
And...sadly, the snow hasn't gone away.....there is still a good two feet of snow everywhere, compacting in the sunlight - it's just the sidewalks that have been plowed that can be walked on without fear of falling, now! In Gatineau where I work (across the Ottawa river from Ottawa where I live), the city decided to not plow the sidewalks of all the sidestreets. They are impassible, the sidewalks there, as the snow and ice have remained, and formed a surface impossible to walk on. So, I;m just so happy the main sidewalks are clear!!!
And sadly still reading thatbig book. I got to the part where we find Dustfinger's female servant friend is someone unexpected and I was so mad I closed the book and went to bed rather than yelling. Today I am calmer, but now I'm hoping there is valid reason for all the main characters to be so wimpy! sorry, won't say more, you have to read the book!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you win 'The Master'. I love Toibin's work and this, I think, is one of his best.

oakling said...

How DO people get their BAFAB giveaways out there? I am giving away one of three books about (if there's a uniting theme) abuse, addiction, recovery, and having an amazing life, and I am sort of afraid no one will enter because my blog is pretty new. Well, come enter if you want and tell people if you feel like it :-) The permalink is at
And thank you for telling us about all these other giveaways! This is an exciting event :-D

Susan said...

Table Talk - I haven't read anything by Toibin but I hear so much about him. since I rarely win anything I entered more to support our book bloggers and spread the word...I think i will look for the book at my library, since I do want to read it.

Oakling - welcome! And I'll go see you on your blog and say hi...thanks very much for dropping by and telling us about your giveaway. I will mention it on my next post. And, by the time of the next giveaway (I understand it's seasonal, so every 4 months) everyone should know about your blog! You won't be new anymore... :-)