Saturday, 19 April 2008

Gold Card

I've been having problems with blogger the past day or two, so I'm keeping this short tonight. I have been honoured with receiving the Blogging Friends Forever Gold card, and twice! From Rhinoa and Chris. I am delighted and have been happily smiling ever since! So thank you, you two, so much! And may I say, they each have amazing blogging sites. What makes a site amazing? Good books read and blogged about, life blogged about, and the happiness and charm of the writer. Chris always has intelligent and thoughtful reviews of books, interesting things to say, we share tastes in books and authors, He is such a welcoming, funny and charming person. Who else could do a blog about music to life events based on IPOD random selections, and make it funny? and make me wish to have an Ipod, too! Thank you Chris, your comments are something I really enjoy.

Rhinoa also has very similar reading tastes to mine, and the coolest list - 101 things to do in 1001 days, and she spent her 'celebration on getting a fabulous new job' money on books! How cool is that? I've just discovered her, and I love her site. And she has a button I want: 'Reading Challenge addicted and proud of it.' They both leave funny and warm comments, too. So, I send the gold card back to them, :-) and but because I want to share this card with more bloggers, here are my five new people to send this card to:
Patricia at Lady P's Cozy Corner:because I wouldn't be here without her. She was the one who sent me an invite to her new blog, last summer. I had no clue what I was waiting for me. And for those who don't know, she is my younger sister, and she is now reading Jane Austen because of my blog! So, for tackling Jane Austen (finally!), and for showing me the way...thanks, sis. This is for you.
Bybee at Naked Without Books: Bybee was one of the very first bloggers to welcome me by leaving a comment to one of my posts. Our friendship was sealed when I discovered she likes *Nick Hornby* too, and her name is Suzie, a version of mine! Plus, she has the dryest sense of humour and always, always makes me laugh. And great ideas for posts, like favorite books from the past (books that deserved to be discovered now again), and characters that really bug her, and she has a 'tough and cool Inner Bookworm'. Thanks, Bybee, you make my day.
Emily at Telecommuter Talk : She is another blogger who is hilarious. She coined the term 'bookslut' recently, and she's a pastor's wife! So how cool is that? and has told me I am a bookslut too :-) a title I proudly wear. She's clever and self-deprecating and recently tagged me for a meme I have yet to do, so I'm hoping this will save me for a bit!! Thanks for being hilarious, Emily.
Eva at A Striped Armchair is another blogger who quickly adopted me. Then we discovered common books read, and another friendship was cemented. She is intelligent and generous, reads texts and serious non-fiction that would put me to sleep and makes them interesting in her reviews, and she is full of life. Thanks for welcoming me, Eva! Hurry up and get your laptop fixed!
Nymeth at Things Mean Alot is someone I have recently discovered, who I am delighted and awed by her sweet spirit and her wonderful blog. It really is gorgeous, and so is she. She also writes among the very best reviews of books that I've ever seen. She is another kindred spirit when it comes to reading the same kinds of books, and we are about to read a book at the same time a world apart, so we can compare notes :-) Thank you Nymeth, you're another blogger who makes my day, every day.

I could give a whole list of bloggers I like, but they are all listed on my sidebar anyway :-) Special mention goes out to Table Talk for having interesting posts, and thoughtful reviews and ideas,
raidergirl3, for watching much of Jane Austen on Masterpiece theatre with me. These two bloggers were also among the first ones to leave comments, so they were the first bloggers I met. They are very good ambassadors for the book-blogging community.


Bybee said...

How wonderful! I'm touched & I also agree with you about the other bloggers you chose. You've got excellent taste! Only one thing: We have the exact same name, Susan. I use "Suz" because that's what my father called me and how he spelled it in letters and notes he wrote to me. Anyway, I hope you blog on forever! I love hearing about Austen and Canada..and..well, just everything you write!

Nymeth said...

Thanks so much for your kind words, Susan! You put a huge smile on my face. And I'm honoured to be in the company of all those other wonderful bloggers :)

Rhinoa said...

I'm glad you enjoy my site as much as I enjoy yours. Feel free to pinch the addicted to reading challenges button as I stole it off someone elses site ;)

Chris said...

You're too sweet Susan! Enjoy your reward! And what great blogs you picked....there's a few I don't know there that I'll have to check out now! Yay!

Lady P said...

Hey, my first award! Uh...since I have never received one before, what do I do with it? And how do I post it over on my blog? Do people just make these things and hand them out?

While I introduced you to blogging, you certainly captured the idea and ran with it! Your blog gives me a different view of you; the reader one that I never heard about ('cause we never got past the bookstore know, you go in and I cry?). It has been wonderful reading about this side of your life and to see you are a person beyond my sister : ).

Susan said...

bybee: Susan it is, a great name! :-p the only nickname I ever had was Suzie-Q, after the song, my dad too called me that. "Suz" is neat though, usually it's Suzie (we know two of those, friends of my family)....

and thanks for making me blush!!! I hope you blog for a long, long time too!

nymeth: you're welcome, and it was my pleasure :-)

rhinoa: let's see how long it takes me to 'pinch' it as I am technologically challenged!!!

chris: if I can surprise you with new blogs to read, that is a real treat! I hope you enjoy them too.

lady p:you lift the award itself (copy to your computer) and add it to your blog. Not that I have done it yet, my first award and I am a week late adding it already!!

I'm really happy you're getting to know this side of me....strange we could grow up together and you not see this, but you were always laughing at me for reading, stealing my books to read after, and playing with way more friends than I ever had! not that anyone under 20 really discusses books -well the odd person does, but I never found anyone who read like I did until I found Jennifer in my 20's.
I enjoy your blog very much too, it lets me have a glimpse of your life and what matters to you, and also my niece and nephew, who I enjoy very much watching them grow and seeing the people they become.

So to everyone: A big thank you for accepting the awards! You really are each wonderful, and I love your blogs. :-)

Emily Barton said...

Oh wow, I am VERY honored to have been chosen by you for such an award. And also very honored to be called "hilarious," something I've always wished I could be (maybe I actually am?).

Eva said...

Susan-thanks so much!! (I know this is super-late) That made my month, I think. You're such a sweetheart. :D