Thursday, 3 October 2013

6 years old - blogiversary time!

   Well, I almost made it.  I almost posted on my blog birthday!  I missed it by one day; Sept 30 was my last post, Oct 1 is my blogversary.  On Oct 1, my blog turned 6.  6 years ago  I started out on the wide world of blogging, taking my first baby steps into the community where other people talked about books.  Would I be welcomed?  Would I be able to participate?  Yes, a resounding yes to both.

It's been a bumpy 6 years for me.  Both personally, and in my ability to blog regularly. After year 2,  I seemed to lose interest for a month or so fairly often, and blogged intermittently.  I try not to, I want to be consistent, and I know this has affected how my blog is followed.  I have had to come to terms with the fact that if I 'm blogging, I'm reading less, so sometimes I have to go away and just read for a while.  Introverts are like that, you know.  Even here.

I'm not sure why blogging cuts into my reading time.  I think it's because my life is full, with kids and family and working and trying to squeeze in some kind of a social life, which blogging falls into.  It's always the first to go when I feel squeezed in other parts of my life.  And I love reading even more than I love blogging.  Much more.  However, I do know now that blogging is my way to you, my dear readers.  I do it so I can talk to other people about books.  Whenever I am away, I return because I miss you, and seeing what books are being read and what is being said about them.  So though times may change, my love of books does not, and my desire to talk about them.  It just comes and goes in a cycle.

 Thanks so much for everyone who has stuck with me through my silences, and always had a cheerful word when I came back.  It wouldn't be the same without you, my Gentle Readers.  You and your comments and shining intelligence and thoughtful attention to what you read, and love of books, make it all worthwhile.

Thank you too for all the books you have raved about over the years.  Thanks to you, my to-be-read list is now a journal almost completely full of books I want to read - only partially gotten through, I always feel satisfaction when I do look to see how much I have read because of you.   The books I want to read is an actual mountain.  Or would be, if I could get them all in one place.  A mountain of books to go through, sounds like heaven, doesn't it? Thank you, Gentle, dear readers!

  Happy 6th blogversary to me! 

Blog Survey
Don't worry, this is not a precursor to leaving my blog!  I have noticed in the past several months a distinct change in blogging, from bloggers who used to blog all the time suddenly not being able to blog, to other bloggers just stopping, to the huge amount of bloggers out there, so following blogs is much more time consuming than it used to be.  Over at Literate Housewife, Jennifer has developed a survey along with Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness and Shannon at River City Reading.  It's a short survey about your blogging habits. Here is Jennifer's post, which has a link to the survey.  It's very quick to do, so if you are curious, it will be a good way for us all to find out how the book blog world in general is doing.

Here are some books I've read because of you, Gentle Readers, over the years:
Skellig - David Almond (Staci at Life in the Thumb, Mariel at Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops (no longer active)), my original post here.
Clubbing - Andi Watson (Joanne at the Book Zombie, no longer active)
The True Story of Hansel and Gretel - Louise Murphy (Wendy at Musings of a Literary Feline) my original post here.
- Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise deserves a special mention, since she has single-handedly gotten me reading several mystery series that I love: Fred Vargas, Jo Nesbo, Johan Theorin, Peter Temple, Peter James, and especially Peter Lovesey, to name a few.  All highly recommended mystery series.  Her blog is a fabulous resource for all things mystery.

and because they have recommended way too many books I want, and because they are delightful, warm, thoughtful bloggers who I am always happy to see post:
- Jodie at Geranium Cat's Bookshelf, Cath at Read-Warbler, Pat at Here, There and Everywhere  , Christine at Bride of the Book God, Chris at Stuff as Dreams are Made Of, Daphne at  where there is joy, Wendy at Musings of  Literary Feline, Eva at A Striped Armchair, and Ana at Things Mean Alot, always add to my book list.  They just have to mention a book and I want it.   I have many books waiting to be read/bought because of their blogs.
 ***These are some of the bloggers whose reading tastes have greatly influenced mine, in that we are always adding to each other's lists.  Very similar reading tastes.  Many other bloggers have interesting books and blogs that I visit regularly,  and love to visit. But we don't necessarily add to one another's books to be read.  Please see my sidebar. 
 - A very special mention to Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings, who runs to two best challenges (for me anyway) in the blogworld:  Once Upon a Time in the spring, and RIP (Readers Imbibing Peril) in the autumn.  I love these two challenges, and they get me reading books that I would otherwise put aside for another day (because there is so much to read).  His not-a-challenge Sci-fi Reading Experience in the winter months has quadrupled my science fiction reading.  AND he is a lovely gentle man who has a kind word for everyone, and promotes  just about everything fantasy and sci fiction.  Another fabulous resource on the book blog community.
- and just because it's so cool to have one, my book-twin over in South Korea, at Blue-Hearted Bookworm.  It's awesome to say I have a book-twin.  That you have the same name and we sometimes agree on books and you have a lovely snarky sense of humour, always makes me smile.   

Everyone, all of you Gentle readers named and not named, if I have come to your blog and left a comment it's because you have touched me with your post, because you made me laugh or think or really desperately want to experience the book you just read, too.

Thank you.


Suey said...

Happy Blogiversary! I hope you keep hanging in there!

Anonymous said...

Happy blogiversary Susan, and thank you for the very kind mention!

Cath said...

Oh how wonderful... 6 years old. :-) Congrats and here's to many more years. You lead a busy life juggling family, work, social life, interests... I honestly don't know how you it, Susan. It's impossible to do everything and we understand when you're quiet for a bit, we always know you will return with renewed energy. And thank you for mentioning me. You're absolutely one of my favourite bloggers and I consider you a close friend now. As with a few others I do wish we lived closer and could actually speak and swap books in person. That would be pure heaven. Happy anniversary, Susan.

Jeane said...

Happy blogiversary! Six years is a long time in the blogging world. I started just a few months before you, I think. Glad you're still posting and I hope there's many more books to come.

Stefanie said...

Happy blogiversary! I am glad you stuck through the ups and downs and are still going!

Molly said...

Happy Blogiversary, Susan!! Six years is certainly a milestone!

If you decide to participate in NaNoWriMo ... let me know and we can be writing buddies :)

Chris Howard said...

You are such a sweetheart Susan and this community is so much better for having you in it :) I know that *I* am better for having you in my life! I totally get what you said there...I'm in the introvert club as well :p I'm not going anywhere either...I've just been struggling with a balance between blogging and everyday life which has just been horrendous at times lately, but better times are at the end of the tunnel now! So hopefully things turn around soon too! *hugs my friend*

Geranium Cat said...

Oh, happy, happy blogversary, Susan! And what a lovely post - I do so agree with everything you say about the blogging/reading balance (and lol, now you're reminded me of people whose blogs I haven't read for a while, and some new ones I want to visit!)

Am emailing as requested, BTW....

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Susan....congratulations on 6 years! I was 5 in June.

I could so relate to your statement...."so sometimes I have to go away and just read for a while. Introverts are like that, you know."

That's me for sure. I am pondering the whole blogging continuance thing right now, as I too feel like I would rather just be reading.

Susan said...

Suey: thank you! I am hoping to keep hanging in there!

bride of the book god: thank you! and you know you review irresistible

Cath: thank you so much, Cath. I feel the same way. I do wish we lived much closer. Book swapping, teas, trips to the coast.....gardening! so many things we I'm so grateful for the blog just for this, never mind all the wonderful books I've found through it. The people are the best part, and you are one of them.

Jeane: thank you! I'm beginning to feel it is old, especially when I was taking note of how many people aren't blogging now. You and I were already writing about that away from here.

I hope there are many more books and years to come here, too! :-) the same for you too.

Stefanie: thank you! I am too happy I am still here. I do enjoy it, it's finding the right balance that is tricky.

Susan said...

Molly: thank you! I will let you know about NaNoWrMo, I am thinking it over to make sure I can commit that time to it. It would be fun to be buddies with you so we have a check-in every day with each other :-)

Chris: thank you so much! and thanks for the lovely compliment, too. *aw shucks, I'm blushing* As busy as I am, so are you, so I think it's wonderful news that you can keep blogging, as sparse as it is now for you, it's perfectly understandable with everything going on with you.

You are one of the originals of the book community, and so kind and thoughtful and funny and dear. I would miss you so if you had to go! Very happy to hear you are working on how you can stay with blogging *hugs friend back*

Geranium Cat: thank you so much! it is a balance, isn't it? so we keep having a full and rich life, and the blogging adds to it, not taking it over.

I'll check for your email, thanks! No one ever said as we age that things just simply stop working or don't work the same way any make me glad there are e-readers out there, now.

Diane: thank you! It's funny, blogging is fun, but it does take time and energy, and it really does end up cutting into my reading time. Are you finding the same? At least it sounds like you're struggling with the balancing act, too. Reading has to take precedence, at least for me, it does. Once I realized that, blogging became a little bit more fun and I could get back to reading as much as I wanted to. I hope you (and all of us, it sounds like!) find the balance, and can keep blogging. I would miss you, if you left (though understand why, if you did).

Literary Feline said...

Happy Blogiversary! Has it really been six years?

I understand what you mean about blogging cutting into reading time, especially with everything else going on in life, particularly since I had a child. I am glad you have stuck with it, even despite how busy life can be. I've seen so many bloggers I love leaving their blogs behind lately, and it makes me sad. I have considered it too, I admit, but I just can't let go of blogging yet. :-)

The True Story of Hansel and Gretel! I have never forgotten that book.

I am glad to have you in my life, Susan. Congratulations on six years of blogging.

Susan said...

Wendy: I know, six whole years! And then I look at someone like Amanda at Fig and Thistle who just did her 800th post, and I just passed my 500th, and that was over 6 years for me. So definitely not a prolific blogger!

I'm sad too at so many bloggers leaving, I miss them all. Each blogging voice has a quality to it that none others have. The personality peeking through...I'm so happy you've stuck with it, I know it's been a challenge, especially since you've had Maggie. I would miss you so much if you left! So many people would, I think.

I'm so glad I know you too, Wendy. This is what makes blogging so real, the friendships we make and the connections we make. You are dear to me, and I value your friendship.

Emily Barton said...

Happy 6 years! I completely missed my 7th blogiversary back in May -- no surprise, seeing as I've become almost a non-blogger. I think that I, like you, have mostly given it up because it eats into my reading time, of which I have very little it seems these days. Many of those you mention here who've made your TBR pile topple over have made mine do so as well. And, of course, you have, too! Thanks for all the bloggin you've done over the past 6 years. I'm not the most frequent visitor, but I do love to read you when I manage to stop by.

Robin McCormack said...

Happy Blogoversary, Susan! So understand the need to go away for a while and immerse one self in books. Cheers to 6 years blogging and may we still be gathering around the blog cooler next year. Hugs!

Susan said...

Emily: You know I love to hear from you, and if you had blogged a wee bit more in the past year, your name would have been on my list because - well, you're one of my favourite bloggers and you always add to my list too! I wasn't sure if you had stopped and I hope you don't, but understand if you do (does that make any sense?). What are you doing these days, are you back to work? and happy 7th blogiversary to you, too, belated! Maybe you are having a version of the 7 year itch of blogs?

Robin: Yes, I hope we are both blogging still next year(and Emily above, and Diane, and so many others hovering over the edge to stay or not). Thank you for the kind wishes and hugs!

Emily Barton said...

I'm juggling a billion volunteer projects and working more hours at the library these days, so I'm busy. But I haven't abandoned my blog. It's just been on a rather long hiatus. I still write blog posts in my head all the time. They just never make it to the screen. Sigh!

Emily Barton said...

I'm juggling a billion volunteer projects and working more hours at the library these days, so I'm busy. But I haven't abandoned my blog. It's just been on a rather long hiatus. I still write blog posts in my head all the time. They just never make it to the screen. Sigh!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I've come to the realization that I also love reading more than blogging, so if given the choice in limited time I'll usually decide to read :) I think that's ok though, especially after six years. Congrats!

Susan said...

Emily: I'm happy to hear the library can keep you so busy, in these days of closings that is good news :-) and volunteer projects - that can be such a good feeling to do. I know all about "the post is done in my head" thoughts, since I have those often too. so many posts written in my mind! I'm delighted that you are still working on posts, it's more like a hiatus you are on. Just so long as you get to read :-)

Kim: Yes, it seems a lot of us have come to realizing that we could blog a lot, or we could read a little more....and in the end, it is all about reading and love of books, isn't it? Thanks for the congratulations :-) Both are fun to do, reading is my number one love.

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Congratulations Susan! I'm so sorry I missed your post until today - I'm so behind with blogging these days! Like you I actually love reading more than blogging, so sometimes books have to take precedence. But I'm glad you're not stopping as I really enjoy reading your blog.

Daphne said...

Aw, thanks for mentioning me! My blog has been on general hiatus for about a year... I'm just too busy right now to blog with any regularity, and now that my life is a little more full, I seem to have less interest in writing about it (odd). Still, thanks for being a great blog-world friend and I'm so glad you still find time to blog sometimes!

Susan said...

Margaret: Thank you so much! I enjoy reading your blog also. Some very good mysteries I've discovered because of you!

Daphne: you know I have you as a Facebook friend, so we are friends anyway....and how happy I am for you that you are so much happier now, and your life is overflowing with good things. One day I do hope to see you talk about books again! lol

Nan said...

Congrats on 6 years of blogging!!

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