Tuesday, 3 September 2013

R.I.P. VIII at long last, and plenty of scary books to come


RIP is finally here!  Even though I am late with my post, don't fear, Gentle Readers.  I have already been busy and read a book for this challenge on Sunday, the first day the challenge began!

    As always, I thank Carl over at Stainless Steel Droppings for hosting this challenge.  This is one of my two most favourite challenges, the other one being Once Upon a Time in the spring, which he also hosts.  Fantasy and horror, my two favourite genres along with mystery.

Above are the books I am considering reading.  I hope to read many of them in the pile, just to get more read from my shelves (and because I do really want to read each and every one of them).  Missing from the pile are the new Stephen King Dr Sleep, because it's not out yet, Drood by Dan Simmons because I'm afraid if I put it on the list I won't read it (and I've owned it for 5 years now), and the new Stuart McBride mystery Birthdays for the Dead, which I forgot about until after I took the photo.

The list is:
Hell House - Richard Matheson ***just read on Sunday, will review next post. Mini first impression:  Really enjoyed it. Could not read alone at night. Too scary for that!
I Remember You - Yrsa Sigurdardottir - not one of her Thora Gudmunsdottir mystery series.  This is a stand-alone ghost story. It looks very creepy, and she is good with eerie atmosphere. I am curious how good a ghost story this will be.   I bought it last week  along with
Children of the Night - Dan Simmons, which I suddenly discovered I had NOT read, and it features vampires, and I love Dan Simmons (despite not having read Drood yet, which is more because the copy I have is hardcover and is so darn big I can't carry it anywhere.  I almost bought the paperback just so I can read it this time around.  The Terror by him is one of my all-time favourite horror novels, (linked to my review in 2008) and I just discovered that this fall is a bonanza time for me because there is a new book coming out by Dan Simmons also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would be Book 3 of the Books I Really Want This Fall:
                         The Abominable.  While it features snow and ice, this time it's climbing mountains, not lost in the Arctic.  It's out Oct 23, so I might be able to talk myself into getting it before RIP is over.  As this is just before my two boys' birthdays, it's sometimes difficult to buy something for me in the midst of their special days.  Christmas, then.  For sure!!!
     Anyway, back to Children of the Night: vampires.  Romania after it opened in the 1990s - remember the stories of the abandoned children in all those orphanages? Dreadful times in history, and I didn't realize this novel is based in that time.  A baby in an orphanage is dying, and responds to a blood transfusion.......
The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield:  because my friend Pat over at Here, There and Everywhere Blog LOVES this book.  Now there's another book by the same author out, Bellman and Black, and I should read the one I do own, first.  I can't link to the review Pat has of The Thirteenth Tale, though it does crop up often in her posts (she loves it that much).
Dead Scared - S.J. Bolton.  This is the second book in the Lacey Flint series.  In the first book, Now You See Me, reviewed here, Lacey has to deal with a serial killer who is playing on Jack the Ripper story.  In Dead Scared, she goes to Cambridge University to catch someone who is drugging people, who then commit suicide.  *shiver*
Talking to the Dead - Harry Bingham - I've seen this reviewed over at Crime Fiction Lover,  and somewhere else that I can no longer remember.  DC Fiona Griffiths is recovering from a breakdown, and may or may not pick up things that no one else can.....
Every Dead Thing - John Connolly - first in the Charlie Parker series.  I managed in July to get past the horrific scene of his dead wife and child.  Now, to start again and this time try to get through this lovely mystery with a very evil killer (which gives me chills).
Angel Cafe - Jill Morrow - a psychic, fortune telling, a spirit guide who isn't nice.....
I am Legend - Richard Matheson - I enjoyed the first movie based on this book, the Charlton Heston  movie Omega Ma. Then the Will Smith version came out, and it was even better.  It's time I went to the original source and read the book.  I still get the heebie-jeebies at the idea of being all alone in the city, and then something moves.
Moon Over Soho - Ben Aaronovitch.  2nd in the Peter Grant 'he can see dead people' mystery series.  What's not to love in this series?  Serious magic, a wizard for a chief detective, and Peter himself, an novice in the field of seeing the dead, and kind to boot.  Set in London, a bonus.
Deadline - Mira Grant.  2nd in the Georgia and Shawn Mason  zombie series.  I read the first one, Feed, and really enjoyed it.  It took me this long to recover from the ending of the first book enough that I now have to know what happens next.
The Shining - Stephen King - so I am refreshed and ready for Doctor Sleep.  The Shining is one of my ultimate horror books.  I'm so anxious for Doctor Sleep.  I'm a little afraid it won't be as good as The Shining, but I have high hopes.
The Summoning - Bentley Little.  Anyone who wins Horror Novel of the year is a good horror writer,so I am curious to try him.  This looks interesting, a series of unexplained events in a small Arizona town...
The Small Hand - Susan Hill.  A ghost story by the author of The Woman in Black!  I don't need to say anymore, do I?  Except that I loved The Woman in Black, so I'm hoping to get some eerie chills again.
The Greatcoat - Helen Dunmore.  Another ghost story, a rave review by Eva over at A Striped Armchair, and Bride of the Book God, and I had to get this.
A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness.  It sounds terrifying, a little boy whose mother is dying of cancer, and he has to fight another kind of monster all on his own.  Also heartbreaking.  I'm almost scared to read this, since I am sure I will cry while reading this.
Red Bones - Ann Cleeves - 3rd in the Shetland Island series featuring Jimmy Perez.  I really liked the first two books in this series.  There is something island-like and claustrophobic that is appealing (the solitude, nature, the sea) and not so appealing (everyone knows you, hard to be a recluse or hide away without being some kind of outcast), and downright nasty murders.  I was thrilled to see Book 5 has just come out, so it's no longer the Shetland Quartet.
The Last Policeman - Ben Winters. Thea James from The Book Smugglers posted a lovely review at Kirkus last month, and pushed this book up onto this pile for me.  An end of the world mystery novel.  What would you do if the world was coming to an end?  Would you stay in your job?  Would it matter if crimes were solved?  That's the theme of this book, with the policeman, Detective Hank Palace, staying in his job because for him, it does matter.  That feeling of icy dread in your stomach?  That's the end of the world coming.....definitely a book for RIP VIII.

 So this means I am going for Peril the First, which is   : Read four books, any length, that you feel fit (the very broad definitions) of R.I.P. literature. It could be King or Conan Doyle, Penny or Poe, Chandler or Collins, Lovecraft or Leroux…or anyone in between.
I am also going for Peril the Screen.  Definitely!  Legend of Hell House, which I have already seen, and now that I've finally read the novel, want to re-watch.  Possibly The Haunting of Hill House, and The Shining (to go along with reading the novel). Finish Ripper Street.  A whole bunch of possibilities.....
and I am, as ever, going for Peril The Short Story.  I think I might make a post up of some of the collections I have, just so you can ooh and awe over how many collections there are (and I don't have them all! definitely not) and pique your interest.  There are so many good horror collections, anthologies, short stories, to choose from.

Happy scary reading, everyone!


Ana @ things mean a lot said...

I'm not sure if I'd say A Monster Calls is exactly scary, but it's certainly outstanding - and yes, heartbreaking. Anyway, I want to cling to the remainders of summer for as long as I can, so I won't be ready to post my list for another couple of weeks. I think we're going to have a few books in common, though.

Cath said...

I should read more Dan Simmons so I hope you read Children of the Night so I can find out about it. I should also try The Terror it seems. A good time to read Drood is December, I did that last year and it somehow suited that month perfectly.

Oddly I have not actually read Every Dead thing so I did not contend with the death of Charlie's wife and child. I started with book 2, Dark Hollow, and it made no difference whatsoever. One day though I will read that first one.

The Small Hand is not as good as The Woman in Black but I liked it a lot.

And Moon Over Soho is very good, I've read them all and now on the lookout for the new one.

Kailana said...

The Thirteenth Tale is awesome!! I can't wait to read more by her!

DesLily said...

The Thirteenth Tale and Drood are two of my all time favorites! (for RIP..)I hope you get to read at least one of those two ! lol

Stefanie said...

Such a great selection! I had no idea Dan Simmons has a new book coming out. How exciting. I so much loved The Terror too.

Cheryl @ Tales of the Marvelous said...

Whew! Good thing you already started--you have quite the large stack(s) to explore! Have fun plowing through. :)

Susan said...

Ana: I can hardly wait for your list :-) I'm curious to see what is the same on it. A Monster Calls isn't scary, I know, not a traditional ghost story, but someone dear to me is fighting cancer right now, so that's why I think this story will be hard to read for me. Enjoy the feeling of summer!

Cath: Drood in December, that sounds like fun! thanks :-) I'll let you know when I've read Children of the Night.

Dark Hollow is supposed to be quite good also. I didn't know you hadn't read the first book. I'll keep that in mind, I think I have Dark Hollow also.

I know nothing is as good as The Woman in Black! I hope for a good ghost story though, so glad to hear you liked it.

Yes, you and Bride of Book God love these books, so between you two I am hoping to catch up with both of you! lol

Susan said...

Kailana: Ok between you and Pat I have to read it! LOL

Deslily: I know! lol I'd like to do both, ideally.....

Stefanie: I was happy to hear it's coming out soon! It looks very interesting. The Terror was such an awesome horror story, so I have high hopes for Abominable. Trying to keep them down, too, so I can just enjoy the book. I"m glad you and Daphne enjoyed it so much - I know she read it after my review and really enjoyed it also. That's one of the best things about these blogs, sharing books that others come to enjoy as much too.

Cheryl: I am going to have fun with them! I won't read them all, it's just fun to see how many I have to pick from! lol

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

WOW, that is a huge pile to select from for the challenge. I'd like to read most of them as well:) enjoy

Susan said...

Diane: thank you so much! I am having fun going through the pile, though I ended up reading 4 mysteries in September instead of just horror. So many series to catch up on.

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