Tuesday, 1 September 2009

RIP IV - Ghost and horror stories challenge is here!!

Carl's RIP IV is here. I breathed a big sigh of relief when I saw his post here, and then I started piling books up. Up, up, and up. I ended up with over 20 books I wanted to read for this challenge! Now, I know that last year I read more than required, and I know this year I will, but even I think 20 is a huge pile. So I've been whittling away at the pile until it's more manageable.

I am choosing Peril the First, which is 4 books:

Here is my list of what I'm considering for the challenge:

1.Bluenose Ghosts - Helen Creighton (to be read
throughout the challenge) - this is the one I'm posting daily
quotes from. Sort of a blog gather around the campfire and
let's tell real-life ghost stories, as a few of you have commented on the first two excerpts I've given.

2.The October Country - Ray Bradbury (I've long
wanted to read this; The Small Assassin is one of the
classic short horror stories everyone refers to.)

3.Duma Key - Stephen King (finally! Uncle Steve,
please don't disappoint me with this one)

4.Tricks - Ed McBain (takes place over Hallowe'en!!)

5.The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield (everyone
raves about this gothic featuring a writer. Fingers crossed!!)

6.Spirits That Walk the Shadows - Nina Kiriki Hoffman
(a YA by her I hadn't heard about, a Mythopoeic finalist,
about an emotional vampire encouraging one of the
teen characters to be depressed)

7. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane
Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith (can hardly wait!)

And, a special mention:


Thanks to your excellent review here,
I requested from my library and picked up yesterday:

8.Tales of Terror from the Black Ship by Chris Priestley;

thanks to your post here, I requested and am also holding now:

9.The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston.
This one looks creepy. True-life serial killers in Italy.

That's only 9 books! Don't worry, I have several waiting in the wings, Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill, Fool Moon by Jim Butcher, Not Flesh Nor Feathers by Cherie Priest, Haunted House Stories ed by Peter Haining, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.......This is my "B" list, by back-up list......

October Country also counts for Short Story Peril, which for once I would like to participate in on Sundays! I keep signing up for them, and then Sunday whizzes by and once again no short stories get read.

I just love the art for this year, and I really appreciate the artist, Jennifer Gordon, for allowing Carl to modify one of her prints for the banners. It is so ghostly and eerie and sad, perfect for RIP. Thank you, Carl, for hosting this again! It's not too late to sign up, and indeed, I am number 216 after I sign up tonight.

Today's Ghost Excerpt
So, with that all done, here is today's ghostly excerpt from Bluenose Ghosts: (Note, we are now on the chapter dealing with Foresight; before, we were on the chapter dealing with forerunners, which are sounds.)

The forerunner, as you have read, usually deals with sounds. Foresight, on the other hand, is visual. On the island of Cape Breton it is known as double vision or double sight and people who have the gift are said to be double-sighted. It occurs here mostly among those of Scottish descent although there are isolated instances among other groups. On my field work for the National Museum of Canada in 1956 I visited many descendants of settlers who came originally from the highlands and islands of Scotland, and was amazed to find this strange faculty possessed by so many people. Perhaps the word gift as applied here is inappropriate, for a gift is a pleasurable attribute. This is not, for the vision is usually that of a funeral. Stories, of which there are a surprisingly large number, go like this. I quote from the words of Mr Hughie Wilson of Glace Bay.
"There was a woman in Mira who could see a funeral ahead of time, even sometimes before the person had been taken sick, and she would know whose funeral it was. When it happened she would be walking along the road and would be pushed to one side by the crowd following the hearse. The experience would exhaust her because not only could she feel the passing procession but also she could tell who were the people in it."

And to make up for missing yesterday, here is a bonus story:
A story of another boat comes from Broad Cove in Inverness County. It was a good boat as far as the owners could see, and they had built it themselves. Soon after it was finished, however, people began seeing lights on it and there was no accounting for them. Since no physical explanation could be found, the lights were taken as a warning and, one of the older men said, it must never be used again or it would drown its passengers. Consequently it was hauled up on the shore and left to rot until it was of no further use.
At this time a young man named McNeil was building another boat and he looked at this derelict lying idle. He thought he might as well remove the steering irons and use them in his boat. The older people, he thought, were pretty superstitious. Why listen to all their foolish talk? So he took the equipment and he and his brother set out for Prince Edward Island. They were sailing close to shore with everything well under control when a squall came up so suddenly and so unexpectedly that it capsized their boat and they were drowned. Was this mere coincidence? We shall never know.

Happy reading, my Gentle Readers!!


mariel said...

20 books! Crikey, I’ll be lucky to manage 4! I do heartily recommend The Thirteenth Tale though, I have just finished it and can’t stop thinking about it! I needed something quite light afterwards. Enjoy!

DesLily said...

it's about time you joined! lol

I am re-reading the Thirteenth Tale right now!..yah I like it a lot.. just relax and don't think "expectations".. just enjoy the book.. it is a good one!

Debi said...

Oh my, that looks like quite the wonderful list you've put together there! And I admire your ability to weed down your original pile!!! (Afraid I went whole hog with the list thing, using that age-old excuse that a gal needs choices.)

Bluestocking said...

The Thirteenth Tale is awesome. R.I.P. IV

JaneGS said...

I am going to have to live vicariously, and read your reviews. I love your reading list--I've had 13th Tale kicking around begging to be read, so maybe I'll join you for that one.

Reading about this challenge makes me think I might actually read Turn of the Screw this fall.

brideofthebookgod said...

I am standing up and feeling suitably told off. I only hope you enjoy it!

Cath said...

Those RL stories are just chilling.

That's a good list. It seems loads of us will be reading The Thirteenth Tale. I'm not quite ready to read it yet but it won't be long. Love the cover of Spirits that Walk the Shadows and that one sounds interesting too. I've seen Tales of Terror from the Black Ship in the library so perhaps I'll see if they still have it tomorrow.

Daphne said...

Fantastic list! I've got a couple of those on my list too! I can't wait for people's reviews to start!

Carl V. said...

Such deliciously inviting books you've posted on your list. I do hope you like Thirteenth Tale when you read it. It can be hard when a book is hyped a lot.

I'm so thrilled to have you as a part of this and sincerely look forward to your thoughts on such a marvelous list of books.

Susan said...

Mariel: It's lovely to hear from you again! I have to come see everyone's lists, so I'll be coming to see you shortly. It's good to hear you liked The Thirteenth Tale too! It sounds very chilling and good if you needed something light afterward! :-D

Deslily: I know! I am slow this year. I won't have any expectations going in, I've deliberately not read whole posts exploring it because I want to be surprised. It's also good to hear you are rereading it! And I have to come see your list too.....maybe I already have....I think I'm just confused this week! lol

Debi: well, see how I snuck those four other titles in at the end! And I'm sure one or two others might get in too! I have to come see yours, see if you picked any treasures up while visiting Chris in Louisiana. I missed you!

Bluestocking: Hi! I've seen your name on other blogs, thanks so much for leaving a comment on mine! another vote for Thirteenth Tale :-D It seems I've picked a book many people enjoyed!

I'll come visit you.

Jane: Ooh, I read Turn of the Screw years ago, and it scared me badly. I hope you enjoy it! I've seen the movie too.

Even if you don't join the challenge (and really, all you have to do is read ONE book, so if you read The Thirteenth Tale you'd complete the challenge!), it's fun reading horror and gothic stuff at this time of year. But the challenge is fun!

Bride of the Book god: Oh no! don't feel told off! Be proud and wave your hands!! I am thrilled I can get the book in time for the challenge! You know that you are one of those bloggers whose reading tastes I share (except for the noted using real-people-as-characters-books....)! I hope more readers find your blog and buy books because of you! lol now that would be a bad blogger ;)

Cath: I know! I love that I can creep you out from 3,000 miles away! lol I get creeped out too, last night after I posted, I was closing up the house for the night, and all the noises were making me jump.....

I won't be getting to The Thirteenth Tale right away either, I'm not sure what I'm going to start with.

Daphne: thank you! I have to come see everyone's lists, so I'll be by soon. Its' been hard to get to everyone's blogs this past month, I'm not sure why! I'll come see what you and I are sharing this year too :-D

Carl: I know, I'm a bit worried that I won't like The Thirteenth Tale as much as everyone seems to have been blown away by it, but here's hoping it is good!

If I can remember to link my reviews to your blog this time.....!!

Thanks so much for holding it, and I look forward to your reviews of what you're reading too, some of your choices look very good also!

Memory said...

Ooh, I hope you like THE THIRTEENTH TALE. It's truly a book for booklovers.

Molly said...

I think I am going to try this fun challenge as well - although my goal is to read a few of Poe's short stories (which, I am ashamed to say, I have never read).

The Thirteenth Tale is an amazing book and one that I am sure you will love.

I look forward to reading all your reviews!

Diane said...

I just came across your blog; very cool! I'll be back.

BTW...love this RIP IV Challenge, so much fun/\

Susan said...

Memory: I hope so too! that's what everyone says, that booklovers especially will like this one.

molly: you and Memory agree, and many other bloggers! I sure I hope I like it! lol no pressure, none at all!

I'm so glad you are joining the challenge! It is so fun. I read 13 books last year - I love ghost and horror stories! I'll come see what Poe stories you post about (I'll come anyway, you know that!) - I really like his work, but he's not to everyone's taste, I find. I'm curious how you will find him.

Diane: thank you so much! I'll come find you too. Are you joining the challenge?

Lesley said...

Oh, I LOVED Bluenose Ghosts - one of my favorite books as a kid.

Good luck with the challenge!

Rebecca Reid said...

I've heard great things about 13th tale too!

Susan said...

Lesley: Oh good, you know it then! Do you have a copy still? which cover do you have? I love my book, but it's a garish blue cover, so not ghost-like!! I'm having fun reading the stories and posting them, too.

Rebecca: I know, I'm looking at it more and more, if it weren't in hardcover I'd be reading it now, but I have to wait for a weekend. I can't carry hardcovers to work anymore, they're too heavy. I am anxious to read it!