Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Blue, and Bluenose Ghosts

I try not to mention my work here on my blog because this is where I consider my real life is. There are times, though, when work interferes with my life, and the last six months have been very difficult for me. I've tried to keep my blog up, but I haven't been able to get to all of your blogs as much as I have in the past, and I just wanted to say - I haven't forgotten you. I am attempting to get to all of you more often, but sadly it's not anywhere as often as I'd like it to be yet. I don't know when things will get better and I think after last week, I've lost hope that work will improve any time soon. So I am feeling blue, and in keeping with that mood, here are two ghost stories from Bluenose Ghosts. The last one made me cry , so be forewarned:

today's Bluenose Exerpt:

Mrs Hirtle came honestly by her ability to see things. Her mother had the same faculty for she had been lying in bed one night when she felt a cold hand come down and pass over her face. She sat up in bed greatly startled to see her aunt standing over her. The aunt said, "Fare thee well." Mrs Hirtle's mother was not frightened enough by the occurrence to call the family but, in the morning when she came downstairs, she announced that her aunt was dead. Word came later that this was so.
At Annapolis Royal a woman of English descent was given a visual warning. She had an eleven-month-old baby, to all appearances in perfect health. "One night I was awakened from my sleep and saw a little white coffin in front of the bed. I woke my husband and said, 'I'm afraid something's going to happen to my baby.' He laughed at me, supposing I'd been dreaming. The next day for no known reason my baby died in my arms."

I have been reading Duma Key for much of the long weekend, and am not finished yet - it's 600 pages long- but I am thoroughly enjoying it. Uncle Stevie has returned to form! Very creepy - in fact, it could be creepier, but I think he was trying out something new with this book. More thoughts when I'm done.

Star Trek was fabulous this weekend. I'll write more on that tomorrow too. Mostly this was a quick post to say hi and thinking of you all and wishing there were an extra 4 hours a day just for blogging and reading!! Then I could get to you all, and read some more!

Thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

Take heart!Chin up!

Someone wise said to me once "Remember we work to live,NOT live to work".

Now that I'm retired I still 'work'. My blogging is now my 'work' and even though society doesn't yet fully understand and value that kind of work, I know that it's my contribution to the universe.

Sooooooo, whilst we need that money to eat and provide shelter etc, our blogging is very much our true vocation. Bloggers would totally understand your predicament.

Literary Feline said...

I'm thinking of you, Susan. I hope things do improve. I know how much of a balancing act life can be. You can only do the best you can.

That second story sure was a sad one. Death in general tends to be sad, but when it's a child, it's even more so.

Hang in there!

DesLily said...

sorry to hear about work...:o(

but glad you enjoyed you star trek weekend!!

Stephanie said...

Trust me...I'm with you on the whole too much work thing. I really don't like my job too much anymore. The shift is killing me and I'd rather be home nights. BUT, all things considered, I have a job and medical insurance. So I shouldn't complain.

I still haven't read Duma Key. I don't know why either. I love Stephen King. Glad you are enjoying it.

brideofthebookgod said...

Oooh positive thoughts heading your way. I've had my struggles with work and its impact though I'm in a good place now (but really, really looking forward to my holiday in October) so stick in there, things do improve!
I think I may start Duma Key next...

Bybee said...

I think you do a great job in spite of your busy life. You're a marvel -- we're not twins in that regard!

Becky said...

I hate work getting in the way of life. When will it learn its place? But you manage an amazing amount of reading and blogging.

zetor said...

Thankyou for your kind words following my FIL's death.

Memory said...

:( I'm in a similar situation with work right now, so I get where you're coming from. It's tough when something extraneous gets in the way of what you really want to focus on.

Susan said...

Everyone: thank you so much for your generous, kind words of support! they are like an e-hug :-D

Ms Bubblefish: oh yes, I keep that saying to heart - I've known it for years - I just don't like when I bring work home in my mental space, which I try very hard to not let it do.

I hope you are enjoying your retirement! I'm trying (and failing!) to not count down to it!

Literary Feline: this year is turning into the one that is challenging my sense of humour, never mind my sense of balance! lol i'm hanging in there, i'm just deciding if it will be better anywhere else in the government than where I am right now.

deslily: I still have to post about Star Trek! One is coming.....hoping for a calmer week so I can catch up!!

Stephanie: Thank you, coming from you with all your troubles and husband looking for work - you're one of my heroines! Plus you have three kids and spend so much time with them, the fact you get anything read is a marvel to me.

bride: you give me hope! i know things will get better either through changes at work or my changing jobs, but I like my job and office so I'm not ready yet.

I hope you enjoy your holiday! Are you doing anything special?

Bybee: thanks for saying I'm a marvel! lol As if living in a country where you don't speak the language and finding a job and making a living isn't also a marvel! You underestimate yourself, book-twin!

Becky: thank you! I think i will consider it amazing reading if I can get to 100 books read, though! lol

zetor: I wish I could do more.

It's why I try not to complain about much on my blog, because I know there are important things in this life. Sometimes though work becomes more important than I like it to!

Memory: It is hard when work does suddenly become more urgent because things are bad, isn't it it? Would rather it was because things were so good! Just keep reading, no matter what, that's my motto!