Friday, 26 June 2009

new fantasy award

A new fantasy award has just been started, in honor of David Gemmel - this is the link to the award site. The Guardian Unlimited book site has a blog post, here, about the award. I thought it was nicely in keeping with my last post, about why fantasy deserves better recognition as genuine literature, as well as science fiction. It's interesting to note that the writer of the blog at the Guardian takes the opposite view, that fantasy is the younger sibling of science fiction, and less well-recognized.

I'm home with my daughter who now has the chicken pox, and storms are popping up all around, so I'm going to get off the computer before our house is hit by lightning. Don't laugh, our neighbors have lost all their electrical equipment due to a lightning strike 3 years ago. We lost a phone - it was at the lowest entry site into the house. The lightning hit the power line on our corner of the street.

Happy reading this Friday night! It's the weekend!


Cath said...

I hope you don't get struck by lightning! Goodness...

I got your e.mail, just having a couple of really busy days here - will be in touch on Sunday hopefully. But I've finished the book!

Stephanie said...

"But even SF fans have it easy compared to followers of fantasy. These are the people Red Dwarf fans sneer at for being nerdy. They are the zit-ridden little brothers of the SF geeks, whose even-less-healthy obsessions include trolls, giving Anglo-Saxon names to phallic weapons, and maidens with magical powers."

Well...can't say I really agree!! But I do like the fact that fantasy has a new award!!

Hopefully, you didn't blow away in the storms. We've had them for a week. Today is beautiful...but hot. I got major amounts of sun when I was 3rd base coach for the girls' softball game today. Let's hope I didn't burn too much!