Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Diabetes and me

Yesterday I found out that I am diabetic. I am also starting medication to try to bring my glucose (sugar in my blood) levels back down to normal levels. I will be back posting soon, I promise! Right now though, I am reading everything I can get my hands on, while I learn what this disease means for myself, and my family. Any time I get on the computer goes to finding sites and information.

I do have several posts planned, among them many book reviews, a post about the haul of books I got at my children's school fete last Friday, and pictures of my garden (which some of you remember had the monarch butterfly visit last year) for the gardeners among you. And, of course, book thoughts.

In the meantime, diabetes and I are learning about one another. Actually, diabetes knows a lot more about me since I appear to have had it for some time now. I have some catching up to do!


Amy said...

Thinking of you Susan! My dad was diagnosed this past year and like you, read many many books. I pray you get your glucose levels down to normal.

Bybee said...

The medication should get you back to good...my mom's experiencing the same thing right now. Glad you're reading up on it.

Cath said...

Sorry to hear that you do actually have it, but you're doing the best thing and finding out as much as you can. My husband was diagnosed after a trip to the US, three years ago, and when we thought hard about it we realised that he too had had it for quite a while without realising it. We even wondered if the diabetes had been partly responsible for his heart problems in 2001. You take care of yourself and concentrate on getting it under control.

Charlotte said...

Really sorry to hear your news. At the risk of sounding like one of those wackos off the Internet, you might want to include low-carb eating plans in your researches. I have heard that cutting down on carbs helps to get glucose levels down. A guy called Jimmy Moore is a great place to start - he has a blog, a podcast show and tons of detail about the low-carb way of life.

Nymeth said...

Take care of yourself, Susan. It's definitely a great idea to read as much about it as you can. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you kick those glucose levels in the butt before long. *hug*

Molly said...

Oh Susan, I am so sorry to hear this news, but I know that diet, medicine and exercise can go a long way to controlling the disease and helping you to feel whole again.

Aren't you glad we live in an age where we have such access to information via the internet? I would be doing a ton of research myself.

Take care of yourself, and know that thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lezlie said...

Oh, my! But how great that you're doing your homework on it! The meds they have now can work wonders. We'll be thinking of you!


Daphne said...

Oh no! Here's hoping you can get everything down to a good level with minimal aggravation. There are a number of people in my office who have gotten back to very good health by really monitoring their diet, exercise, etc. I also hear good thigns about the medication. I think most diabetic sites/books will be very helpful!
Hugs and good wishes.

teabird said...

Oh dear - what a shock! I know you'll do a good job of learning all of your options and taking care of yourself.
thinking of you -

Susan said...

Everyone: thank you so much for writing in! I love you all! thank you for your support and kind thoughts and wishes. They really help me feel supported and cared about. *hugs* to you all :-D

Stephanie said...

Susan, I'm sorry to hear this. But it really is controllable, if you work at it. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant, and will probably run the risk of it the older I get (it runs in the family)

Take care of yourself. We will miss you when you are gone!!

DesLily said...

Hi susan.. I could swear I wrote a comment here!
But since I don't see it, I must have just thought it.. duh

I'm sorry you are diabetic. I delt with it a long time with my brother, and although it's something you can live with, it should not be taken lightly.

Once you have taken it all in and dealt with it and come to peace with it, I know you will do good.

having diabetes or high cholestrol or high blood pressure etc.. none of it is fun to deal with.. but thankfully we can make new habits and dealing with it becomes much easier..

you take care susan..

Susan said...

Amy: thank you! and I do too, hope my glucose levels get down.

Bybee: your mom? What kind of medication is she on? So far the one I'm on isn't helping, except to make me bloat and feel fat!! As if I need help with that! How is your mom doing? Does it run in your family?

Cath: I'm just glad they caught it in time with your husband! It's not awful, though it could be if we don't take care of ourselves. I will look after myself. Thanks!

Charlotte: I remembered you talking about this (low carb) today as well as my friend at work talking about her father-in-law and the glycemic index, so between you two I found a book (the one I bought today, the Glucose Revolution, see my next post) that will help me with the glycemic index and healthy carb eating! thanks so very much :-D

Nymeth: thank you! It's getting used to it too, that's the challenge. How to carry a snack with me, etc. How to get my 3 mile walk in every day. *hug back*
How are your wrists?

Molly: thanks so much for all your kind words and prayers! I think of it as a challenge to figure out how foods affect my sugar, and what I can eat that won't make my levels go up so suddenly.

Lezlie: thank you! and yes, I am grateful to have something to help lower my sugar until I can get it under my own control.

Daphne: Oh yes, everyone knows someone - I have 2 friends myself, who are diabetic!! So it all seems the same way, as you say: watch what you eat, and exercise, and it can be controlled. As I use the diabetic books I pick up, I'll talk about it on my blog, what I like and find useful. thank you for your hugs and wishes :-D

teabird: thank you! I am. Not just for me, but for my family, especially my children.

Stephanie: I did too! have gestational diabetes. I thought I did have it under control afterwards - it never completely disappeared, I became prediabetic - and I was walking and watching what I ate until last year. Somehow I still managed to slip over that border.....because I never bought any books back then (thinking I would never get it again!) I know have to build my resource library up on diabetes now. I hope you don't get it. Here's to bucking the odds!

Deslily: I thought you did too. I know there was one on the previous post. But there's no trace of it now. Very strange. Let me know if this happens again?

I know you said your brother had it. So I thank you for your support and caring, especially when it must remind you of him all over again.

I think I once said growing older was fun. LOL!

Eva said...

I'm sorry that you have diabetes, but I'm happy you've been diagnosed and can start treating it! :)

Susan said...

Eva: Thank you! It is good to know why I wasn't feeling well, and hadn't been for a while - I was very tired for quite some time - and I feel better already. It's getting used to it being chronic, which I know you have to do too, with your illness. And I have to be careful what I eat, and how much, when I love food!

Kim L said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about that. It is NOT a fun diagnosis to hear and I'm sure you have a lot of different emotions and thoughts to work through. I hope that you are able to find some balance quickly!