Saturday, 18 April 2009

books are my choice of escape

I should be doing book reviews. That is the point of my blog, to talk about books. Last count, about 15 books to review.

I could talk about 2 books I just bought, one recommended by *Nick* Hornby. Field Notes of a Catastrophe, by Elizabeth Kolbert, hurray! and How I Write, by Janet Evanovich.

Or what I've suddenly picked up and started reading - two surprises - Possession by AS Byatt, and because it's too heavy for me to carry around, Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman for when I'm travelling, which I am loving so much I've put Possession aside so I can finish it!

But really, I've been under such a strain from work, it's been so unpleasant and uncomfortable for me to be there, that I'm doing what I always do: I'm escaping into books, and just reading.

I think my real problem also is that I very recently read a book I really wanted to like, by an author I do enjoy, and I ended up not being able to completely like or recommend it, and this bothers me. So it's like that haystack: I can take so much, and then one more thing topples the pile. Neverwhere and Possession are cheering me up, though! That, and that I haven't been at work for three days now, I should be able to post properly by tomorrow!

happy reading, everyone!

And to all those doing the 24-hour readathon: congratulations for participating, and I'm cheering you on from up here in Canada!


DesLily said...

as for the new Star Trek Movie.. I'd love to see it but don't know how or when I will..but eventually I will ! I've loved all the Star Treks.. of course the originals were my favs, but I managed to find things interesting and good in all of them.. heck, many didn't like Enterprise and I liked it alot! lol...(simple minds simple enjoyment I guess lol)

Kailana said...

Yeah, I should probably be writing reviews, too...