Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Arthurian Challenge - or, how to get sucked in by Becky

Yep. You read it right. I'm joining another Challenge. Not that I actually have any Arthurian books lying around right now. In fact, I don't have any. But I won't let that stop me! Last year I looked longingly at everyone reading books for this challenge, and this year I am succumbing. And the really, really good thing about this challenge?

I can watch the movie King Arthur with *Clive Owen* and *Ioan Gruffudd* as many times as I like, and get credit for it!!!

Becky's Arthurian Challenge
When: April 2009 through March 2010

Goal: To read books starring characters found in or inspired by Arthurian legends. (King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin, Lady of the Lake, etc.) There are no set amount of books. Read one or two. Or read a dozen. You set the amount that feels good to you!

No lists are necessary. You can change your mind on WHAT you reading or should that be WHO you’re reading at any time.

If at any time you dislike a book, then feel free to discard it and pick up another. Don’t feel obligated to push through a book you don’t like on my account!!!

What about movies? What about graphic novels? What about comics? What about audio books? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. All of those things count. So though it says 6-12 books. It can be a variety of things–book, movie, tv show, comic book, graphic novel, etc.

Kids books. YA books. Adult books. All count.

What about series books? Or series books in all-in-one editions? I’m leaving it up to you.

What about short stories or poetry? Yes and yes. Anything really can go.

What about rereads? Sure why not!

Go here to sign up, if you too have been wondering where the challenge was being held.

Yum. I feel a movie marathon coming on.

If only the tv series' Merlin' from the UK would finally come on our tv over here!!!

****Added later: I have The Once and Future King by TH WHite sitting on my TBR shelf, for the Awards Challenge, so this will go right onto this challenge list too. This is fun! I get to look for books to read! Maybe reread Mary Stewart's books, which I also own.....*****


Becky said...

Welcome to the challenge :) I'm glad you couldn't resist :)

Eva said...

I always thought that movie looked dumb, but I had NO IDEA there was such man candy in it (I only saw the posters w/ Keira Knightley). I think I'll Netflix. :D

Trish said...

I just signed up for this one as well. I'm a newby, but the Merlin trilogy by Stewert has been recommended by a lot of people. Have fun!

DesLily said...

I never thought I'd enjoy reading about King Arthur but I read the Mary Stewart books eons ago and really liked them.

also love the movie Excalibur! And thanks to a win by Carl some time ago I have the Merlin series with Sam Neill, awaiting the series for the UK to show up here too!

Emily Barton said...

All right, I am officially honoring you with your own Bad Blogger Award. Seriously, I do not need another challenge. I am so far behind in my challenges for the year it's pitiful. However, how can I possibly NOT join this one? After all: I'm the one who came up as King Arthur when I took the which fictional character are you test?

Susan said...

Becky: thanks! and I'm very happy to join it! :-D

Eva: it isn't a bad movie. A different take on the Vikings, and yes, lots and lots and lots of man candy. Yum!!! I hope you enjoy it!!!

Trish: I read Mary Stewart's trilogy when I was in my teens! So I'm thinking it's due a reread, and I'm hoping it is still as good. YOu and I can be newbys together on this one! lol

Deslily: I sure wish Merlin would hurry up! Cath loves it. I've seen the one with Sam Neill, that's a good one also. Are you in this challenge this time?

Emily: Hurray, you're joining me! lol And what challenges are you in? I don't see them listed - I'll go take another look. and just where do I find this quiz on what fictional character you are? I must take it!!! So you get your own bad blogger award for quizzes, I'll take it for getting people to join challenges! lol :-D

Bybee said...

ooooooooh, Clive Owen.....

Susan said...

Bybee: I know. and Ioan Gruffudd, which I confess I watched Horatio Hornblower simply so I could watch him. *sigh* Did you see this movie yet?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I saw this post. I've been waiting for this challenge to start over. And indeed...who doesn't enjoy Clive...alas..

Susan said...

Matthew: LOL! I think all the females in my family want him! Though Ioan also has my heart...*sigh* .....and yes, you are right, there are many men who like Clive too! I'm glad you are joining the challenge, I'll come see what books you are choosing :-D

Rhinoa said...

Glad you signed up too. I remember watching Merlin when it was on tv, must have been a good few years ago now. Maybe get the dvd if you have a multi region dvd player?