Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday Salon

The Sunday

I was going to write a post today, but the chair by the computer (part of a set from the dining room, we have no actual computer chair) isn't comfortable and now my back is hurting. I hope everyone had fun with Earth hour last night. We turned everything off but one tv and vcr, and with candles burning, my family snuggled together on the sofa and watched a movie. Yes, it's an electrical thing, but with both my youngest son and I not well, it was the best we could do; and we really enjoyed it. My husband and I got questions about energy and what turning off lights does, and why we should do it. I'm a holdover from the 1980's when we had to turn off/down the power, and it's never really left me, those habits. Now they know why I nag them to turn off the lights behind them, etc!

I finished The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint this afternoon. Review will follow later.

My big question is, what book do I take to work tomorrow, that is light? My purse is too heavy still, so the book I choose will have to be light and small.

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and fingers crossed I can come back to regular posting very soon! I miss at least having the option to post!


Julia Smith said...

Hope you're feeling better sooner than later. Very frustrating when the body does not co-operate.

We enjoyed observing Earth Hour here, too. We turned off everything (TV & computer) and lit candles. I tidied the kitchen by candlelight. I got a lot accomplished in an hour. I was actually grateful to be reminded of that.

Susan said...

Julia: I have to find out how it went here, I haven't really been online in the past few days. I can imagine you tidying the kitchen that way! It was nice to turn off the lights and see by candlelight. It reminded me how bright my lights are, and artificial- looking, next to candlelight. It was quieter too; they do hum, don't they, computers?

Kailana said...

I hope you feel better soon!

I really liked The Blue Girl by deLint. I look forward to your review!

DesLily said...

hope you feel better soon.. and hope you aren't headed back to work too soon!!

Care said...

Hope your back feels better soon - rest rest and more rest! I totally forgot about Earth Hour. shame on me, but maybe I can do it 3 nights in a row to make up for it. We did go to bed REALLy early last night since hub had to catch the first flight out today.

Laurie said...

Sorry you're not feeling well, Jim & I have been sickish for more than a week. Not sick enough to stay in bed & whine, too sick to do anything else. Bleah, I'd rather get really sick and get it over with.

We should get together to do dinner soon, we miss you.

I have a new blog just for the film I'm working on.

Debi said...

Oh Susan, I'm so sorry you're still not feeling well. I'm pretty lucky *knocks on wood* in that I don't have much trouble with my back. But I did once go through a horrendous episode of sciatica, so I know how truly awful back pain can be. I really, really, really hope that by the time you're reading this comment you're feeling much better!!! For your sake, of course! But also on the selfish side, I miss you. :)

Nymeth said...

I'm so sorry your back still hurts, Susan! My suggestion of a book to carry: The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop, as I'd love to hear your final thoughts on it and it's very light :P

Btw, that new quote at the top of your sidebar? LOVE it.

mariel said...

Why, more Nick Hornby of course. Housekeeping vs the Dirt is light and conveniently split into palatable sections!

Feel better soon.

Bybee said...

Oh yeah...Nick.

Stephanie said...

I was hoping to come hear and found you were back to 100% again. Sorry your back is still bothering you.

Hopefully, work went well today!

Susan said...

kailana: I'll be reviewing Blue Girl shortly. I have mixed feelings about it, sadly.

deslily: thanks, and if you see my post today, I'm not back at work yet! lol

Care: last year my then 19 year old and us had a discussion (read argument) about turning off the power for an hour. He still doesn't see what it will do to help. I always say it begins with one person - and if you or us all, did it more often, we wouldn't have to have special days set aside for the world to do it! So your three times later sounds even better :-D

Laurie: see my post today. It's been an awful two weeks!! Sorry you and Jim aren't well either. I'll come check out your film site, and yes, we need to get together soon to catch up :-D

Debi: I've managed to get to a very few blogs in the past few days - you're one of them! miss you too!! thanks :-D

nymeth: see my post today! I ended up not needing a book to take, though if I had, I was looking at that one as a possibility since I do want to finish it soon! lol and thank you for the compliment on my quote. I'm glad you like it - love it, I should say! :-D

mariel: sadly, Housekeeping vs dirt is the one book I don't own yet, I haven't been able to get! I have his latest - Shakespeare wrote for Money - and it's light too. plus laughter is good medicine :-D

bybee: you love Nick! so do I, so do many people :-D that's two votes for him! lol

stephanie: as you can see from my new post, I didn't go to work yet. thank you for the good wishes, though!