Friday, 6 March 2009

Happy Friday!!

Reasons to be happy today:

- it's Friday. Fridays are generally good days. The end of the work week, and two full days of being home with my family lie ahead. Possibly sleeping in to 8 am if the little ones let us.

- it got above 0 c today (that's 32F). And not just about, it got to over 40F!!! We were standing at our window at work, waiting for the temperature to rise: "Is it warm yet?" "No, I can see the smoke {from the building across the street} blowing in the wind from the north still." "No, it's freezing rain, hear it hit the windows." We left work, it wasn't quite warm yet, but by the time we got across the river, I felt like singing. It was warm! and the sun was trying to break through. A lovely way to end the day. I even opened the windows a crack once home so the house could air out a little.

- I went book shopping. Aha! you say. I thought you went last week? At least, that's what my husband said. "You know I ordered those two books so I could finish the series with Nymeth and Kerry. Well, they came in." Slightly baffled look on my husband's face as he nods slowly. So off I went......and this is what I came home with:
- The Grey King, book #4 in Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising series
- Silver on the Tree, #5 " " "
- Tithe - by Holly Black - see below. Someone did a book review, but I can't find it right now, nor remember who. I'm sorry! Because there is a Bad Blogger out there, and you deserve a point! Let me know if it's you!
- The Naming (Canadian title, on Mariel's blog it's The Gift - UK title book one in the Pellinor series) by Australian writer Alison Croggon *Mariel, here, reviewed the 4th book in the series, which got me interested. Someone else also mentioned her to me on their blog - I can't find it now. Please let me know if you reviewed her sometime in this past year!
and, finally, *drumroll*
- We Never Talk About My Brother by Peter Beagle. Yes, they had a copy!!!! So Nymeth gets point, for being the first to bring it to our attention, on last Sunday's Salon. Nymeth is racking up those points, and not just on my blog either......Now, when I saw this book, I paused, and wondered: do I buy it straight from the publisher? I checked my copy, and it's from the same publisher. So then I thought, "if I buy it from my independent bookstore, thus ensuring both the survival of it and that the money is going back to the right publisher/writer, I can help two things out I love very much." My bookseller said they had just got the book in. So I felt very happy, helping out with those first week sales that Nymeth mentions in her book review of The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop, today's post.

I thought I would also let you know thatthis same bookstore, my favourite independent bookstore in Ottawa, is sold out of Drood by Dan Simmons! Hopefully first week sales for this are good! I might have treated myself to a hardcover, because I know there is no way I can wait for the soft-cover edition to come out. Next time....more are on order. Isnt' that a good thing to hear? "More books are on order."

So that's what my Friday was like. I'm just about to sit down to watch the 3rd to last ever Battlestar Galactica episode.....I'm happy that it's on tv tonight, though very very sad it's about to end.....

I hope wherever you are tonight, Gentle reader, you have a good book to read and reasons to enjoy the weekend ahead!


Kailana said...

haha, I get the 'baffled' look ALL the time. There is also the whole: 'You need more books like I need a hole in my head' conversation. I guess he needs a hole in his head, right? lol

Have a good weekend and happy reading!

Nymeth said...

lol! Kelly's comment made me laugh. I guess some people do need holes in their heads, because we definitely DO need more books :P

yay for We Never Talk About My Brother! I'm glad you found it at your local bookstore. I mean, I know authors get a bigger share of the money if we order directly from the publisher, but supporting your local bookstore is important too. And it's also important that the store is actually selling the book, because that way they'll order more and more people will come across it there and buy it and love it to pieces and recommend it to all their friends.

...okay, I got carried away :P

I need to e-mail you about The Gray King! I will do that later today.

Jeane said...

I always need more books! I'm going book-shopping myself, today. I really like the Cooper series you picked up a few of. They're excellent.

Molly said...

It sounds like you are off to a fantastic weekend!

I owe you a great apology, Susan. I have put two copies of Watchmen on hold at the library, and I am still number 3 in line for one of them. I found copies of the book at BN this week, but our financial situation just won't allow me to pay full price for the book. I feel that I am letting you down on our mini-challenge partnership. Please know that it is NOT for a lack of trying.

mariel said...

Yay!! You bought Alison Croggon! I hope you enjoy The Gift/Naming!! I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

brideofthebookgod said...

Susan, sorry you haven't been able to get a copy of Drood yet, I got mine this week and it's enormous! Plus there's a new John Alvijde Lindqvist book out - Swedish zombies! I gave in to that one too...

Susan said...

to everyone: oops, I'm sorry, I thought I answered all the comments already. I'm sorry, I really do check in later that day. I blame the kids :-D

Kailana: 'baffled' is perfect, isn't it? and the hole in the head....lately he's been asking to get things off the floor, to which I reply I need more shelves ;-D

Nymeth: we always need more books, don't we? and I love it when you get carried away!!! :-D I feel exactly the same way about books and bookstores, so I really felt i was helping both out.

what did you want to say about the Gray King? (no email as of Monday....)

jeane: I am so enjoying the Cooper books! I read one already. One more and I'll have read a series I've meant to read for decades! whee!! lol

Molly: we've emailed about this, just waiting now. And I admit I still have to get going reading it. Not sure why I've stalled. yes I do, the Susan Cooper books!

Mariel: and it's all due to you, and Kailana and Rhinoa, if I remember exactly, and possible Ann at Table Talk recommended these as well. I'm sure Cath at Read-Warbler has read these, so I'll give her a point too!! lol it looks really good, I am just so suprised I haven't heard anything about it over here yet.

bride: *sniff* I really want to read Drood too! Please let my bookstore get it in soon! and let us know how good it is....and I just read about the new Jon Lindqvist on your blog this morning, I'm so envious, first vampires and now zombies in Sweden, and I can't find a copy here! gah! I might have to break down and go on Amazon (always my last resort)