Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thursday update - and new books!!

Middlemarch - p 134, still Chapter 16.

Missed one bus doing last minute decision this morning on when to meet teachers for both parent-teacher interviews next week.

Missed next bus because forgot purse at home.

Read five pages while waiting for bus at Chaudiere, 15 minutes before anything showed up. Because 50 mins late for work, had to work through lunchtime.

Made birthday cards for daughter's upcoming birthday party after children finally asleep.

pages read: 5. Time to read: priceless!

On the guilty book-shopping before Christmas front, I went to an author signing tonight! Mary Jane Maffini was signing her books. She is a local mystery writer, has published several books, and was part-owner of Prime Crime Books, which readers will know is Ottawa's primary mystery bookstore. I went to the signing with two friends who know Mary Jane through their book club. While we were standing there talking, Mary Jane looked at me and said she had seen me before. I told her in Prime Crime, and then she knew! It is so fun to be recognized by an author!! I bought books for my mother and myself, and they are each signed. The Cluttered Corpse is the second book in her second mystery series, starring Charlotte Adams, a professional organizer. Mom gets the first book in the series. It looks intriguing!

I also bought the latest collection of mystery stories collected by The Ladies Killing Circle, a group of local mystery authors. These stories are from authors around Canada. Going Out With A Bang is a crime and mystery collection.

This looks like a good introduction to new Canadian mystery writers.

I also found two very special books - The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries by Zsuzsanna E Budapest,

best described as a women's spirituality book on paganism and the Goddess, and I thought it had gone out of print, so I wasn't even looking any more!

And the last book is one that long ago, Nymeth picked for me when a meme went around asking the blogger to choose a book that would best describe what the blogging friend was most like. She had chosen Transformations by Anne Sexton for me, which funnily enough was a book I had long been looking for. Well,tonight, The Complete Poems Anne Sexton was on the shelf!

I am going to go spend a little time leafing through my lovely books now.


Bybee said...

book-twin...I didn't know you were on Facebook as well...let's be facebook friends as well as blogging buddies and book-twins. Here's a nice steaming mug of honey citron tea!

Susan said...

Oh, fantastic idea, I didn't know you were either. Ok, I'm off to find you :-) and have a lovely cup of tea with you!!

Susan said...

Hurray, I just sent you a message to add me! this is fun!

Nymeth said...

yay, so glad you'll finally be able to read Transformations! And how cool that you were recognized by an author :) Enjoy your new books, Susan, and no guilt!

Susan said...

Hi Nymeth: Oh, I am - they follow me from room to room, my new books! And yes, it was nice to be recognized by the author. Now I have to read the book she wrote! :-) I'll let you know how I like Transformations, too.