Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday Salon

The Sunday

Rhinoa at Rhinoa's Ramblings posted about an interesting challenge hosted by Librarything for next year: the 999 Challenge, here. The challenge link itself is here . I haven't decided if I am going to join. As I commented to Rhinoa on her post, I have learned many valuable lessons this year with the 888 Challenge, which I have so enjoyed! Principally - pick categories of books that I read plenty of naturally. For any of you out there looking for a challenge for next year's reading, I recommend it, as I can't think of one that has gotten me to read so much, this year, than the 888 challenge. You can see by my sidebar how I am doing with this challenge; 48 out 64 books done now. I am nothing like Rhinoa who has read 155 books already this year! I'm almost at 60 books read; which is my best total for several years now. Still not where I want it, but I am greatly encouraged that I can find time to read more. That's what challenges are all about, for me! Reading as many books as I can!

I've been sick since Friday with a very bad virus that is going through the city, so I'm only here briefly to say hi, then retreating back to the sofa to watch more tv (mostly movies with the kids) because that is all I can really do. I've been running a fever on and off since Friday, as well as a very bad sore throat, so even reading is challenging me this weekend! I did finish Fred Vargas's Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand, which was a very different sort of mystery. A book review will follow, as well as for Tamsin, when I feel better, but I'm struggling just to write these few paragraphs right now! I've started The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, a book my mother loves and gave to me. I've enjoyed several other of her books, and indeed one year every one received Animal Dreams from me, I enjoyed it so much!

I hope you all enjoy some time with a good book today!


Nymeth said...

I hope you feel better soon, Susan. I like the idea of the 999 challenge, but at the same time it intimidates me. Especially because I'm determined to follow my reading whims more next year, and who knows where they'll take me.

Susan said...

thanks, Nymeth! I hope I do too! Not any better today, so I'm home once more. I like how you put that you want to follow your 'reading whims' next year - so do I. I thought I could plan my reading whims, though, and that doesn't work so well. I know, an oxymoron, planning a whim! :-P