Saturday, 10 May 2008

quick update

I've been busy reading and buying books the past few days. I have a book exchange to go to this afternoon, a fund raiser for a dear friend with Crohn's. It's been a busy week with toilets finally installed (YAAAY! 2 working toilets, and low-flush, they're amazing and quiet!!!), Toby starting his new job, and me home with anemia (a life-long problem I've had). So I've had time to read, but not energy for much else. I will return after with pictures of book bought (book porn alert!!! hee), read-books updates, and an update of Weekly Geeks 2 (how I found it). Stay tuned!


Emily Barton said...

Take it easy with that anemia. And no need to apologize. It seems all of us have been very busy without a lot of time to post.

Lady P said...

It amazes me that you and mom have had anemia but I have NEVER had it! In fact when I give blood the clinic loves me because the iron content in my blood is high and the "blob" in the test water sinks like a stone! What do you do to recover?

Good luck to Toby on his new job. May someone offer him a decent, permanent job!!

Hi to the kiddies! I'm off to do some crafts; being Mother's day and all I'm taking advantage of a "day off"!

Nymeth said...

I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling too well, Susan. I hope you feel better soon. I can't wait to see the book porn :P

Also, I finished The Enchanted Castle this morning and I really look forward to exchanging impression with you.

Susan said...

emily: thanks. I still get tired frequently, which is why I'm so behind on answering all your comments!

lady p: take lots of iron pills, eat foods with lots of iron - spinach, kale, swiss chard, red meat....all of which I eat a lot of, but neither Mom nor I seem to be able to absorb it very well from food. How did you like your Mother's Day?

Nymeth: you got my impression of the book earlier this weekend. I am so upset I didnt' enjoy it more, especially when you did! I will give Five Children and It by her a try, though, some day. Book porn to come tomorrow for my birthday!!