Saturday, 9 February 2008

I need another challenge!!! but this one is irresistible....

Here I go again!!! Another irresistible challenge! But easily attained, as most of the books are already in other challenges for this year. And, I want to read more history, so here I've combined history/biography, and historical fiction. And this is the last challenge I am joining this year!!! (Maybe.....)
My list is (since the site has requested it in a separate blog to make it more easy to locate):

  • A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada - ed by H.H. Langton - journal
  • Outlander - Diana Gabaldon - novel
  • Beowulf - (888 Classics) - literature
  • The Iliad - Homer (888 Classics) - literature
  • A History of Reading - Alberto Manguel (Canadian Book Challenge) - history - DONE
  • Cryptonomicon - Neal Stephenson (I am going to read this book this year!) - Chunkster Challenge - novel
  • The Other Boleyn Girl - Philippa Gregory -novel
  • Suite Francaise - Irene Nemirovsky - novel - DONE
  • The Life of Charlotte Bronte - Elizabeth Gaskell (888 Non-fiction) - biography
  • The Canadian Settler's Guide - Catherine Parr Traill (Canadian Book Challenge) autobiography/pioneer guide - DONE March 2008
  • 1599 - A Year in the Life of Shakespeare - James Shapiro (Shakespeare Challenge) - biography
  • Persuasion - Jane Austen (888 Classics, Jane Austen Mini Challenge) - novel
Happy Reading!

Alternate: The House of the Spirits - Isabel Allende - history - DONE June 2008


raidergirl3 said...

Last one you are joining this year? It's only February! I say, no. You will join more. I recognize the fever, the list making, the over ambitious reading schedule.
Join the insanity.

Susan said...

Join the insanity is right! you and I each have 3 kids, we have no business joining multi-challenges! Yet here we are......maybe I should say I will not join any more challenges in February!!!

Lady P said...

It's sort of cheating if one of the books on your reading challenge is one you know off by heart, isn't it? There are a couple you list that I wouldn't mind reading and perhaps I will. The difference is, that'll probably be my ENTIRE reading list for the whole year!

I'm with raidergirl3...AS IF this will be the last challenge you join. Ha ha ha!

Susan said...

Well, I haven't joined it yet, but I saw the Year of Reading Dangerously Challenge, and now I'm considering it.....
Patricia, while I know Persuasion by heart, I also love reading it every year or so! And it is historical!

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