Monday, 12 November 2007

writing and new challenge From the Stacks - Winter Reading

In writing my earlier blog, I forgot to say why I wouldn't save my writing in case of a fire. I've been thinking alot about it, and I think it's because for my novels, I have the fantasy that I am working on, and if I had to, I could rewrite it again. It would be annoying, but I can definitely redo it. My poetry, on the other hand, is all on the computer. It didn't occur to me to save the computer, which I guess says alot about me and technology! The poems would be pretty much gone as we don't have a cd writer program yet for the computer, so I can't save them. But in a fire, I think my answers would pretty much stay the same. I love my writing, but I can redo the work. If we were allowed to save 10 items, then the computer would come!

And i've joined another book challenge -this is a short one, 5 books to read between now and Jan 30 2008. My list is on the side bar. I'm pretty excited now, I get to start my Canadian Reading Challenge, and read books I already own! This will please my LSS greatly, as I already have a stack of books I bought when Mom was here, for Christmas. And these 5 books are books I owned and have been meaning to read, it will be great to get them read!!

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GeraniumCat said...

I'm really impressed that you have included Cryptonomicon in your 5 books - it looks pretty much like five books in itself. It's very low on my TBR list since my son said he couldn't finish it...Good Luck!