Monday, 26 November 2007

Book Meme

Gotten from So Many Books blog. and If you are interested, please do this meme on your blog and connect me to your site so I can see your answers! Good luck, and it is fun.

1. Do you remember learning to read? How old were you? I don't remember learning how to read. I only remember knowing how to read. When I was 7, I received a cookbook (My First Cookbook, by Hamlyn Books) and a hardcover fairytale book - The Bluebird, for Christmas 1970. I adored both books, and began cooking recipes from the book shortly after (with varying degrees of success!) and still have The Bluebird, although it is missing the jacket. I do remember, as a very young child - say about 7? - sitting on floor with a book my mother had had as a child, filled with nursery rhymes, and reading the book, fascinated by the old pictures. It was from the 1930's or 1940's.

2. What do you find most challenging to read? Anything dry. Psychology, statistics (without a context, that is), math, books on economics, religious books.

3. What are your library habits? I love the library! Although I don't go as much now, it's because I want to own books now. So I go rarely - having two young kids also means I don't get to read as much, so while I borrow to the maximum, I rarely end up reading them all! and borrowing doesn't make sense since I don't always want to read what I have borrowed, right away. I used to do alot of borrowing and reading at the library. It is a good source for books that are out of print, and for trying authors that I am not sure about yet.

4. Have your library habits changed since you were younger? Oh yes. See above answer. For many years I read far more books borrowed from the library, than bought. And I go rarely now, due to time constraints and wanting to own my own books now.

5. How has blogging changed your reading life? Yes! even though I am new at this, already I have books to be read for next year that I might not have gotten around to reading, thanks to book blogs and reading challenges. I find out about other authors and books through what other people write. It's like having an online friend who I meet for tea and discuss books - not a book club, more an indepth (or not!) review of books with a book friend. And I greatly miss this in my life because I love books and so few people around me do. I love them anyway, and blogging has made me feel a larger part of the book-reading public.

6. What percentage of your books do you get from new book stores, second hand book stores, the library, online exchange sites, online retailers, other? 70% at new bookstores, the rest second hand.
7. How often do you read a book and not review it on your blog? What are your reasons for not blogging about a book?
Since I have just started my blog this fall, I have reviewed every book I have read since the beginning of Sept. Even if it's a few lines only.
8. What are your pet peeves about the way people treat books? Bending the corners, writing in them unless the book is going to be treasured and kept forever, and the idea of a book burning sends shivers down me.
9. Do you ever read for pleasure at work? yes! During my lunches, fairly often now. Not as much as I used to, because I go for my walks during lunch,if the weather permits. But I read if I can't go out, and sometimes if I take a short walk I can still fit reading in while I eat. Reading at lunch is something I have done for years, ever since school!
10. When you give people books as gifts, how do you decide what to give them?
I try to think of what kinds of books they like, and if I have read the book myself or can recommend the author. I hate giving books that won't be read, so I try to be careful and only give books to those who enjoy reading. People who don't read (and I know some!) get other gifts instead. Every year I have a favourite or two that I give to my mother and friends who read.

There, a bit more about me and my reading Habits.


GeraniumCat said...

Our local library seems to have a policy of getting rid of anything that is no longer in print. I used to have an expectation that the library was the repository for all those books which I read every ten years or so but would never have to buy - Mazo de la Roche's Whiteoaks series comes to mind - somewhere in the last twenty years that has ceased to be true and I'm having difficulty adjusting. Nice to know other libraries still provide a "proper" service.

Patricia said...

I'm guilty of bending the pages. Would that cause you to have an anxiety attack? I love books that look loved and read. By the way, your niece has been collecting whole works by authors for her bookshelves. She's reading eclectic subjects. No, she isn't as bad as you are with regard to reading though!! Does Holly-Anne like to read??

Patricia said...

Man, you figured out how to use this blog pretty fast, didn't you! I can't believe the list of books down the left must be in heaven, having found blogs of others who are insane about the books they read ~ just like you, LOL. All those different types of books.... I don't read classic literature, don't think I have ever, much. I've read some of Ruth Rendell (she has flawed characters, to say the least) and read "S is for Silence"; have actually read all that series. It's a fun, light read. You should see my pathetic little library!

Susan said...

If I lent you a book,Patricia, and you bent the pages before giving it back to me, I would be upset! But if it's your own book then go ahead, bend away.....What books are Kristen collecting? Is she still reading tons of fantasy? and yes, I am in heaven with finding people who read as much as I do!!! It's great fun, it's like being able to talk about books whenever I want to, and get comments back. I'm about to do a blog on books i meant to read this year and didn't, so check that one out.....hope you're enjoying our early winter out east this year! We have more snow coming Sunday night....maybe it will snow enough that it will be a snow day on Monday and I can stay home and read LOL while the kids play!!! (I can dream can't I?))

Patricia said...

There's no snow here; everything went right around our province, so there! Kristen is reading different types of books; once she gets a book whereby she likes the author, then I get the list of what she is looking for. Her xmas wish list may not be doable...*sigh*...not in stock stuff.

You'd forgive me for bending a page because I'm your sister, right???

Susan said...

Depends what book you bent the pages too! Now I know who did that to all my books!!! Just kidding....I'll give you a bookmark next time you come!