Thursday, 9 October 2014

Happy blogversary!!!!

So I went from here, 7 years ago,  to today realizing I was missing my 7 year anniversary again.  I don't know why Oct 1 is so hard for me to remember, it's a date I should have marked:  the date I started blogging!     However, I am proud to be still be blogging, happy with what I've talked about here, books, and ideas, and especially, always, the wonderful people - YOU - that I've met on here.  You make blogging and talking about books fun, and memorable, and we have had many interesting book discussions over the years.  Many of you have become my friends in my personal life.  And, all those lovely books I've discovered because you talked about them.  Thank you, my friends and readers.  Let's go forward into another year and find some wonderful more books to read and let sink into our souls, shall we?

And, in the meantime, I did manage to have some brownies over the weekend, so let's say I had some birthday  blogversary celebration anyway.  These are Nigella Lawson's Everyday Brownies, dark deliciously chocolate - loaded with dark chocolate chips too - a family favourite, which I made for watching Dr Who on Saturday night.  One day soon I will do a post on the new Doctor (I really like him.) For now, come join me in some brownie goodness, and celebrate the simple things that bring joy into our lives: books, food, good company.  Thanks for being with me so far.



Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Congratulations, Susan. Love your blog - and Brownies! Here's to many more years of blogging.

Jeane said...

Happy blogiversary (is that word in the dictionary yet? it should be!) Those brownies look good- I love chocolate.

Literary Feline said...

Happy belated blog anniversary! Brownies area great way to celebrate. :-)

JaneGS said...

Happy blogoversary--I never remember to celebrate my own starting date either!

Enjoy the brownies and keep on reading and blogging!

Cath said...

Happy anniversary, Susan. You're one of the people I'm happy to have 'found' and to call 'friend'.

The brownies look delicious!

I'm loving the new doctor too. Tomorrow's looks amazing from the trailers!

Susan said...

Margaret: thank you so much! Wish I could share some brownies with all of you here :-)

Jeane: LOL yes I think they should add it as a modern new word! I love chocolate too, a bit too much I'm afraid. Thank you :-)

Wendy: Thank you! Brownies make everything better, don't they? :-)

Jane: Thank you! and I remember you missing your date too. I think the main thing is to keep blogging :-) and enjoying it. For all of us!

Cath: Me too, I am so happy to have met you and Pat and Chris and.... dear book lovers who I correspond with outside of here, too. My world is richer for having met you, Cath.

*here's a brownie*

I think I am going to do a post this weekend on the new doctor, now that we've had time to see him in a few episodes. Saturday's episode with the mummy on the train - deliciously creepy!

Ana S. said...

Happy 7th, Susan, and here's to many more <3

Bybee said...

Happy blogiversary. O those brownies. You always have the best food and drink. xoxoxo

Susan said...

Ana: thank you so much! I hope we all find our blogging mojo again :-)

Susan: LOL, Book-twin. Books and treats and tea, that's me! you're welcome to join me any time :-)

Sam said...

Congrats, Susan. I know how tough it is to keep a blog going this long, believe me. I'm trying to get back on track after a 13-month forced absence from Book Chase and I feel like a complete beginner again.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Susan, just catching up but didn't want to miss a chance to wish you a happy blogaversary.