Friday, 15 March 2013

Where I give in to new books, for St Patrick's Day

    So, this was it.  The day I officially said, "I've had enough of the Double Dog Dare Challenge! There are some new books I need to buy!"  Look below for what tempted me:


It felt darn good to buy new books again.  And let myself start  reading one right away.  I know I bought the other ones for my surgery, but I ended up only reading one of them.  So I was going on the
'I read all my own books but one, that I bought after Dec 31' idea, for the challenge.  This is my  official surrender.  I love shiny new books! I am a proud bookaholic.  I love my new books!!

The Peter Lovesey was the first time I saw it in paperback, today, so I grabbed it.  The Agency series looks fabulous, A Spy in the House is book one.  I mean, a spy agency filled with top secret female investigators, set in Victorian England? I'm not sure why I haven't paid attention to it before.  I know it's been mentioned here and there on blogs. I can't remember who was writing about it this past week, that made me put it in stars in my 'to get' journal I carry with me.  And A Monster Calls - I've been waiting for AGES for it to come out in softcover, and finally, it's here.  *happy dance*!

St Patrick's Day Reading
I also have just realized there are only 3 days left until St Patrick's Day.  Part of the reason I gave in to the books above, was because Lesa at Lesa's Book Critiques had this wonderful post on Irish books to read.  Her  review in the same post of Buried in A Bog made me want the. book. right. now.  This is what prompted me to run to the bookstore on my way home from work, tonight.  Buried in A Bog is the book I've started reading right away. It's been ages since I read a cosy mystery, and I am really enjoying it. Set in a tiny village in Cork, it's a lot of fun so far. Below, are the rest of the books I pulled from my shelves for reading for St Patrick's Day, and to celebrate being part Irish myself.

I'm sorry the photo is sideways.  It won't load onto the post properly.  Grr.  I know I won't get them all read by Sunday.  But I get to choose, and that's part of the fun.

What are you reading for St Patrick's Day?


Debi said...

Okay, I hate to admit it, but I'm not reading anything for St. Patty's Day. In fact, I hadn't even realized it was upon us. Me = Pathetic

You've left me utterly intrigued with A Spy in the House...going to be looking into that one for sure.

Susan said...

Debi: I usually don't realize it's here until it's the day before, and then it's too late. So I'm surprising myself this time! I'm having fun with Body in the Bog, as I said. It's not pathetic at all, don't say that! I think of it as being at the busy time of life - and school year - and sometimes just wearing green is an effort! lol

I agree with you, I am intrigued by A Spy in the House. I might not read any other books set in Ireland, and go with that one instead! :-)

Arabella said...

Bog Child is a great read, I loved that when I read it and Patrick Ness's A Monster calls is magnificent! Happy reading!
I have to admit St Patrick's day makes me a little sad, it is a favourite uncle's birthday, except he passed away last year, so now it reminds me of that loss.

Chrisbookarama said...

Oh, that Agency series sounds good!

Vintage Reading said...

Happy St Patrick's Day! Good haul. I'm still going through my Plath phase!

Belle Wong said...

I love that feeling of excitement that a bunch of new books always gives me! I read my first Peter Lovesey last month and quite enjoyed it. I'll have to keep my eye out for Stagestruck.

Cath said...

LOL. I really can't blame you for having enough of the ban on buying books. I think you've done well, Susan, I would have caved before now! Books have been flooding in here since Christmas, a dozen or so? Probably. And I came back from Cardiff with two more - non-fictions - that I couldn't resist in Waterstones, Cardiff. (I was there about 10 days too late as John Barrowman and his sister, Carole, had been there the previous week.)

Now, I haven't heard of that Peter Lovesey series. Hmm, wonder why that is.

Not sure when St. Patrick's Day *was* even, lol, but I've just finished Rivers of London ( liked it a lot) and have just started The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

Susan said...

Arabella: I've heard that Bog Child is really good, and the same for A Monster Calls.

I'm sorry March 17 is a sad day for you. The whole month of March is sad for me, some people I loved too (family and friends) passed away around this time too. I like celebrating St Patrick's Day, though, I always have.

Chrisbookarama: Doesn't it though? :-)

Vintage Reading: Thank you! What are you reading by Sylvia now?

Belle Wong: Oh, good for you for finding Peter Lovesey! I just introduced my mother and stepfather to it, and they really enjoyed the first book so much they've run out to buy some more in the series. I'm glad to hear you enjoy it so much too. Now to get Cath below interested too ;-)

Cath: sometimes I think one of my missions is to introduce you to so many mystery series! lol Go on, you know you want to try Peter Lovesey :-) I would hope your library has him, he is English and been writing this series for a while now. Plus an award winner with it.

Oh, I'm so sorry you missed John Barrowman, Cath! That is sad, you love him so very much. I missed Stephen King way back when to at a science fiction conference here in Ottawa. I would have loved to see him live too.

Rivers of London is good, isn't it?? I have the second on my shelf - possibly for OUAT, I haven't finalized by potential list yet.

Cath said...

I read a couple of Lovesey's stand-alone books and liked them very much, but have not started any of his series. I think I already started 3 or 4 new series this year so am holding off on more for a while. LOL.

I went to see John in concert several years ago but would really love to see him up close and have him sign one of his books. That would be so neat. And his sister is a real heroine of mine. :-) Commiserations on missing Stephen King, I would be rather gutted about that too.

Rivers of London was excellent. I need to do a post but won't have time until Monday. I want to read Moon Over Soho *very* soon.

Susan said...

Cath: I haven't put Moon over Soho on my OUaT reading list, but it is there in the pile! I have so many books for the challenge already! It would fit under the myth category, wouldn't it? I'm looking forward to your post.

I have made it a plan to read - begin - 10 new mystery series this year. I have so many first books on my shelves! lol I have to catch up and see which ones I do like. Plus to finish some series, too....I really enjoy the Lovesey series very much. I have one of his other series books as well, I forget the chief character's name.

Why is John's sister such a heroine for you? I don't know anything about her, I haven't read his bio, which you did last year and really enjoyed, if I recall properly.

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