Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Some seasonal ideas for the booklover in your life

    Becca over at Lost in Books has a fun post up today on shopping for Christmas, book-themed.  It reminded me that this past weekend I spent daydreaming online at some bookish gift sites, after reading  the following post by Ana, at Things Mean Alot, in this post she gives a link to Reading Matters.  Her post took me away to two bookish sites that I just love, and here are a few things I saw that I really liked:

The Literary Gift Company,   
which has things like:

 a fabulous tea towel - it's a lovely poem, to read while making tea (which we drink a lot of here)

a new book journal               

who could resist this magnet?     

I LOVE this cup.          

 The other site is What the Dickens, which now ships out of the UK.  Do you have a Jane Austen fan in your life?    I love both of these gift items.  The one below is a real puzzle featuring Regency Jane Austen.  500 pieces.  I love the quote on the journal, too.  I can see some shopping in January (because I love me, too!) coming up.......

How about a cup of tea......       

poured from this lovely teapot:  

or, do you love the old Penguin book covers?   Old Penguin covers done as postcards.

 This looks so fun!  (Chris at Stuff as Dreams are Made of, this made me think of you!)

or for the modern Penguin lover, postcards of modern writers:       

 If nothing else, these are good to dream over, as the snow falls and Christmas draws nearer, and for after,during the long winter evenings.  Have fun shopping for the book lover in your life!    I'm sure there are other book-themed sites around, please drop me a line or post about them.  There is nothing quite like window-shopping online and admiring all the bookish gifts out there now. 

By the way, Reading Matters has the second of three posts up on Christmas ideas, and Nov 22 was on book sets - oh, some are lovely!   I particularly like the look of Dickens at Christmas:

If nothing else, I hope you enjoy looking at bookish gifts as much as I do. 


Chris said...

You all need to stop doing these horribly tempting posts!!! I'm kidding ;) I love them actually :p

Nan said...

I wish it was in the US! The products are lovely but the shipping cost is too much. Fun looking though.

Cath said...

My favourite is the Jane Austen journal. Very pretty.

I downloaded a heap of free bits and pieces of Christmas fic to my Kindle a few days ago so am all set for some December reading now. :-)

Currently reading Green Rider by Kristen Britain, a fantasy novel... reckon it might be right up your street, Susan. (OK... I can hear you saying, 'Get thee behind me, Satan' from here... heehee.)

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

So many great ideas Susan; thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Chris: I love these posts too. It's like window shopping without leaving home! lol

Nan: I wish they were too. I can't believe how much the shipping costs are now too.

Cath: Isn't that journal lovely?

What kind of free bits did you download to your kindle? you love that kindle now, don't you? lol

Guess what? I've already read Green Rider! I liked it so much I bought the second one...and before I could read it, my niece left with it, and hasn't brought it back yet. It's a fun series though, a delightful fantasy. I'm glad you are enjoying it so much too :-)

Diane: you are welcome! As Nan says above, I wish it wasn't so expensive to ship over to here. Then again, possibly that's good, or I'd buy it all.

Cath said...

Susan, we have a Sunday evening series over here called Countryfile, which is a kind of magazine programme for countryside lovers and people who live in the country. They were in Sussex today and visited Jane Austen's home for the last ten years of her life. It was so interesting and I thought of you of course.

I do love my Kindle. I got some romantic bits and pieces, a book of ghost stories, A Christmas Carol which I haven't read in years and In the Fog by Richard Harding Davis. Lots of goodies.

Oh you've already read Green Rider! I should've guessed such a good book wouldn't escape your notice. LOL Book 2 is on the way right now and I may read it over the Christmas holiday.

Ninepins will be on the way to you soon.

Cath said...

PS: I should add that I realise JA's house is in Hampshire but they were on the South Downs which covers two or three counties. :-)

Susan said...

Cath: You're right, I would have so loved to see that!!! I'll have to keep checking BBC Canada to see if it gets over here, we get quite a few of your programmes eventually.

Thank you for sending Ninepins! :-) I've tried to find it all this year, and it's just not available here yet.