Sunday, 14 October 2012

Random book things for a rainy Sunday

New book!
I just had to post about this:  Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow have a new anthology out, and it's a collection of short stories featuring dystopian fiction!!!   Here is Terri Windling's post.  I am so excited!  The cover is interesting, isn't it?  It's going into my annual Christmas book box as soon as I find it!

 Is it too soon to be thinking about this?
To get in the mood for Christmas, Trish at Hey Lady, Watcha Reading, has a post about a lovely advent calendar she has made for her family this year.  It is so cute and whimsical, and filled with lovely little stuffed things that represent what her family loves. It totally got me in the mood for Christmas, even though I am still waiting for Hallowe'en to come.

Long live bookstores
I love this quote from Becca at Lost in Books: " 5. The Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 is going on now and there are already some buzzwords worth noting.  The best news traveling around so far is this: "bookstores are still the best showroom for publishers, and once they are gone, we won’t get them back."  Amen, Frankfurt.  Amen."  Here is the full post.

more on the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 and some Shakespeare news

Becky at Musings From the Sofa has her post also on the Frankfurt Book Fair, and she has some new books from the publishers coming out this fall and next year, here. Sigh. They ALL look interesting. When she writes, "I’ve been thinking since it launched that Faber’s Shakespeare’s Sonnets app is the best inducement I’ve yet seen to buy an iPad, which just goes to show that I can be tempted by anything involving David Tennant." My heart went thump and I got excited, until I realized it was for an Ipad. Which I don't have, and don't want. Oh though, Shakespeare's Sonnets! Read by David Tennant!!!!!!!! Sir Patrick Stewart too!!!!!! Uh oh......the sonnets brought to life.....Hmm, it also says it is available on iTunes. Possibly I can buy this for my computer?

I'll be back. Off to see if my laptop will let me download iTunes 10. I love me some sonnets today, I hope....... I will let you know in a postscript. A lovely way to spend a rainy Sunday! Happy Sunday reading, everyone.

***Edited to add:
 New Susan Hill!!   I just had to add this.  Bride of the Book God has this new post, and in it she mentions a new Susan Hill novella, The Dolly!  It sounds very very good.  Dark and creepy and possibly scary.


Debi said...

I'm hyperventilating just a wee bit here--I want After!!! So. Badly.

Gavin said...

Me too! Me Too!

Susan said...

Debi: lol! I know! I'll be looking for it this week :-) I'm so glad I could tempt you and Gavin too! :-)

Gavin: That makes three of us!!! It looks so very interesting, doesn't it? I wonder which one of us three will find it first?? :-)

bermudaonion said...

I loved Tris's Advent calendar too. It's not too early to think about Christmas - it seems a lot of people are getting in the spirit already.

Stefanie said...

Just the cover of that Susan Hill book gave me the creeps! There is something about dolls in ghost stories that never fails to scare me.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Ohhh this sounds like a good one.

Cath said...

I had no idea Susan Hill had written a new ghost story. I thought she'd sworn she wouldn't for many years. I shall go and look into it. And now of course I want to reread her Howards End is on the Landing... I'm clearly one of these people that's very open to suggestion!

Susan said...

bermudaonion: Wasn't it so cute and folksy, isn't it? I have to get through Hallowe'en and two kids's birthdays first, before I can start thinking about Christmas!

Stefanie: Dolls give me the creeps too. I read a ghost story from the book Some Canadian Ghost Stories, when I was 10, that scared me so much that dolls, especially porcelain dolls, were never the same again for me. So the cover of this book is creepy for me too!

Diane: Good, we can always use new books to read! lol glad I could tell you about it :-)

Cath: I know, a new Susan Hill ghost story is something to celebrate, isn't it? I hope someone gets it and reviews it soon over there! You can get it there, it's not over here in Canada. :-(

LOL to be open to suggestion!!! that would be so many of us....I'm so suggestive!

Belle Wong said...

Shakespeare's Sonnets read by David Tennant!!! I need to get my hands on this, clearly. Thank you!

Susan said...

Belle Wong: they aren't available over here! :-( even if we can order them over in the UK for dvd, they are made for the UK pal system. The only other way is to buy the Ipad!!! grr, because it looks fabulous, truly.