Friday, 8 June 2012

Inspiration for writing - sibyl on a tea pot

Check this out:  a silver tea pot, with a sibyl on top!  I love this tea pot. It's at our National Gallery of Art, and it is so beautiful. I want one to drink out of this!  This one is made by Laurent Amiot, a Quebec silversmith c 1810.  This tea pot has inspired me in the story I'm working on.  I love how things can strike a chord within us, and spark ideas and dreams.  I find myself wanting to touch this teapot, and lightly go over the sibyl with my finger.  From the handle and the spout, this tea pot was made to be used.  It is lovely and finely worked in silver, as you can see from the picture. That sibyl on top though makes it a teapot extraordinaire, for me.

Wouldn't you like to drink out of a tea pot with a sibyl on top?  And perhaps get a glimpse of the future?

On a bookish note:  I am happily reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemison.  This is a fabulous fantasy debut novel.  I'm about 3/4 the way through, and devouring it. I've gone out and bought book two and three yesterday in the series, for the weekend. If you need a new fantasy to read, this one is a lot of fun and interesting and intriguing.


DesLily said...

I am not even a tea pot person but that is gorgeous! I would want that in a heartbeat!

I've had to avoid the thousand kingdoms as they are only in paperback and not even trade paperback.. love the covers to them though~

Geranium Cat said...

What bibliophile wouldn't love a sibylline teapot! Although predictions for my future would probably be that I'm going to have another cup of tea. In fact, now I've thought about it, I'm going to have to go and make one.

The book sounds interesting too!

Chris said...

Oh wow that is really gorgeous!!!!! I'd love to have something like that :) And what made me even more excited than the teapot was the fact that it's inspiring something that YOU are writing :D

Susan said...

Pat: It is gorgeous, isn't it?

Can you not read paperbacks any more? They are so good, you would love them, I think.

Geraniumcat: LOL! That would be easy to predict for any of us who drink tea, wouldn't it?

The book is good. I'm on the second one now, and hoping to get it and the third one done in time to review for OuaT3. Very good fantasies.

Chris: Thank you! especially for being more happy it making me wnat to write! thanks, Chris. *Hug* It is exciting, isn't it? and such a fabulous tea pot. I wish we had tea pot makers who would do something like that now, make tea pots with dragons and fairies and sibyls and all kinds of mythological creatures on them. Wouldn't that be wonderful?