Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing Day smorgasbord

Good evening my Gentle Readers. Here I sit, full of turkey and peace.  I had a lovely quiet Christmas, and hope you did too. I will be posting about the books I picked out received in the mystery box of books I filled all fall, tomorrow, when the pictures are loaded from the camera onto the computer.  At the moment there are several little films of Holly-Anne performing in her school play on the camera also, and it takes quite a while to download onto the computer.  It's late here, so for now, I am eating chocolate and just about to start one of the books in that box: The Secrets of Pain, by Phil Rickman.  It's a hardcover, so I can't carry it with me, and just the thing to take me through more snow falling tomorrow night. Ghosts and snow, chocolate and on holiday, what could be more perfect?

I came across this lovely interview with Elly Griffiths, author of the Dr Ruth Galloway mysteries, here on Kittling Books. It's just the interview to get me ready for ordering her House at Sea End, which is out in softcover next week.  Yaaay!

Mystery Challenge or, how to make your mouth water over mysteries.
Wendy over at Musings of a Bookish Kitty is hosting a challenge.  And not just any challenge:  a mystery challenge.  Irresistible!  It's called Merely Mystery Reading Challenge 2012. The sign-up Link is here.  I have been thinking and thinking about what challenges to join, and here is one that I'm leaping at.  I can read in 12 categories of mysteries to choose from!  This is like a cornucopia of mystery books for me.  Any kind of mystery I want, as much as I want.  A smorgasbord of mystery reading. Since this is what I read most of, this is like a tiny piece of heaven for 2012. Of course I'm going to overdo it - who doesn't at a feast??? even diabetic me has been eating too many chocolate biscuits the past two days, - so I'm going for Shamus who Has Seen It All.

This means reading at least twelve books, one from each category.  The hard part isn't finding the mystery books - 9 of the books I put in my mystery box, are mysteries!!- it's putting them into their categories.  So I will do a longer post with the books I am thinking of, though here is a rough initial list:

Shamus Who Has Seen It All
Cozy:      Bury Your Dead -  Louise Penny
               Death of a Celebrity - MC Beaton
               Death of a Perfect Wife -  "    "
Historical WhoDunnit -   any of:   - Sovereign by CJ Sansom
                                                    -   The Face of a Stranger - Anne Perry
                                                   - The Janissary Tree - Jason Goodwin
Police Procedural - any of:  Deadlight - Graham Hurley
                                        -   Roseanna - Maj Sowall and Per Wahloo
                                        -   Looking Good Dead - Peter James
Whodunnit:                 -   The Hanging Wood - Martin Edwards
Locked Room Mystery:       Bloodhounds -  Peter Lovesey
Caper Stories:   any of:        Dancing Aztecs - Donald Westlake
                                              Doors Open - Ian Rankin
The Spy Novel:                     Our Kind of Traitor -  John Le Carre
The Professional Thriller:  any of:      Winter Study - Nevada Barr (Anna Pigeon is a Park Ranger)
                                                     -       Ashes to Dust - Yrsa Sigurdardottir (lawyer)
                                                   - House at Sea End - Elly Griffiths (archaeologist)
Hardboiled/Noir:  any of:          -   The Impossible Dead - Ian Rankin
                                                -     The Snow Leopard - Jo Nesbo
                                                 -  Devil's Peak - Deon Meyer
Inverted Detective Story - can't think of any at the moment, need to look through my shelves when I can get off the chair. 
Psychological Suspense:  any of:  - The Private Patient - PD James
                                                     -  Nightlife - Thomas Perry
                                                    -  Truth - Peter Temple
Spoofs and Parodies:      another hard category for me.  Something by Jasper Fforde, most likely.  I think I have the last one in the Thursday Next series to read.

Isn't that a list to make your mouth water???  I'm so excited!  some titles may change, this is from a quick survey of my book shelves and books I had previously lined up to read.

The sign-up is open all year, so if you aren't decided on joining this, there is lots of time. There is also a category for reading at least two books only, from any sub-genre.  So if you wanted to try a mystery, here is a challenge to get you to try it. 

Well, this was unexpected, like unwrapping a late gift!! 

Now I'm off to see if I can finish another book tonight and creep ever closer to my goal of 100 books this year.  92 books read, 8 left to read, and 5 days.  Nothing like a challenge, right?? 


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Susan said...

Prediksi Bola: Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!

Cath said...

That's a challenge that suits you perfectly. I've got several lined up for next year or I might try it myself. And congrats on almost reaching your 100 books this year. Huge achievement! I've managed 83 and come to a halt at the moment as there just is no reading time at all to be had. Hopefully in a few days but it looks like 83 will be it. Off to read that Elly Griffiths interview.

raidergirl3 said...

You might consider the Spellmans for the spoofs or paradies. I'm not sure they are paradies, but they are very funny, and extreme, so I would count them there.
I'm probably going to do the mysteries as well!

Susan said...

Cath: 83 books is a good reading year! especially with all your distractions too. I know I'm close, and while I have a couple of extra books I can squeeze in, I might not get there. I'm ok with that, this is the closest I've been, and there is next year! lol I know you've entered a lot of challenges, I'm about to sign up for a couple of other ones as well. You're right though the mystery one is tailor-made for me!

raidergirl3: Who are the Spellmans? I don't think I've even heard of them! I hope you do the mysteries too, it will be fun to see the list you come up with!

bermudaonion said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas! Good luck with the challenge!

Kathleen said...

Happy Belated Merry Christmas to you! Glad you are looking forward to the Mystery challenge and all of the great reads you have in store for yourself!

Nymeth said...

Good luck with the mystery challenge! I'm staying away from challenges for the time being, but I know I'll get lots of reading suggestions from you list :)

Bybee said...

I like that breakdown of mysteries into all those different categories. I'm not much for cozy mysteries, but I like some of the harder-edged stuff. Thanks so much Book-Twin; this is something I'll refer to often!

Eva said...

Oh yay: I'm bookmarking this post for more mystery ideas! :D

Susan said...

bermudaonion: thanks, Kathy! It was a good Christmas. I think this should be an easy Challenge for me to complete!

Kathleen: you too! Happy New Year, Kathleen! Have you joined any challenges for this year?

Nymeth: Have you joined any challenges for 2012, or are you taking a break from them all? You've been in so many over the years. I was of two minds if I'd join any this year (except for Carl's, they're a given for me!), and then Wendy created this one. It was too easy to sign up and find books in less time than to create the post! lol I hope a few of the books will go on your TBR list, that's part of the fun too, isn't it?

Bybee: You could join the challenge, you know! lol then I could see what books you would pick, I think Jim Thompson would be in a few categories, right? though, if like with Nymeth above, some of my books are good for you to read, that's part of the fun of sharing them, isn't it? yaaay! I love to spread the word about mysteries! :-D

Eva: yaaay back at you! lol I'm really pleased, then. You've been reading some good mysteries lately, so if I can find more for you, that's fabulous. You know I'll find books from what you read!

Literary Feline said...

A box of chocolates and cozying up with a book sounds so nice right now! I hope you enjoyed your Boxing Day--and that you have a great New Year!

Thank you for joining the Merely Mystery Challenge, Susan! I may have to take your lead on some of your book choices! I wanted to list a few books but I couldn't make up my mind. LOL

Oh, and to answer your question about supernatural mysteries--I didn't include that category because I saw it more as a crossover of genres. You are welcome to read any supernatural mysteries for the challenge. I'm pretty flexible with the definitions.

Susan said...

Literary Feline: thank you so much about the supernatural mysteries. I don't read lots, I did think it made an interesting category of it's own. I'm really happy I decided to do this challenge, too. Thanks so much for hosting it!

Happy New year to you too, Wendy, and your adorable family :-)