Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wednesday wanderings

Bookslut has an excellent round-up of some worthy horror and ghost novels if you are looking for something to read, here.  I forgot that Martin Millar has a sequel out to Lonely Werewolf Girl, which was my book of the year a couple of years ago.  I saw Curse of the Werewolf Girl in late summer and meant to pick it up for the RIP V challenge.  Bookslut's review of Curse of the Werewolf Girl has reminded me I should do this now!

I also liked Kat Richardson's Greywalker (reviewed in my post before this one) so much that I found myself buying book 2 in the series, Poltergeist, in the bookstore on Monday. Harper Blaine and how she sees into the paranormal world, has really caught my interest. I like Harper, she's a tough PI as well as being vulnerable and disliking the Grey (the world that the ghosts, the supernatural inhabit that shares space with our world, and only a few humans can see into it) and its clammy feeling really makes it real, what it would feel like to see the ghostly among the living all the time.

I also just found this link to an interesting new blog:  the blogger is reading women's fiction for the next 365 days of the year. The blog is called just that, 365 Days of Women Writers.  There is a fun entry on Pride and Prejudice, so I'm going to check in to this blog every so often and see who she's been reading. 

I have been looking for Willem Dafoe quoting The Raven from Lou Reed's album The Raven, which I really enjoy. I thought it would set the mood for the last 11 days before Hallowe'en.   I can't find anything on YouTube yet, but I did find this wonderful piece, that brings together three of my favourite horror things:  Tim Burton, Edgar Allen Poe, and Vincent Price.  I hope you enjoy this!

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