Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday Salon - fantasy weekend

The Sunday

No, not that kind of weekend, where all my wealthy, I can have anything I want and go anywhere in the world, all-my-dreams come-true kind! In true fantasy chick weekend, I have been quiet here because I have been reading and watching movies with my kids as we recover from a virus. I was home sick on Friday, and spent it finishing Horizons by Mary Rosenblum. I had to change our digital satellite box that day also since it died, so while I was at Rogers I looked around for some movies to rent, and came home with:
- Mirrormask - based on Neil Gaiman's book. very strange and I don't like the colours, so we didn't finish it. My daughter did watch some of it.
- Gotham Knight. We've watched this twice already. It's fascinating to see how Batman emerged from youngster to hero in this .
- Pan's Labyrinth. I have this for a week. I am very curious, having heard very good things about it.
- George and the Dragon. A direct to dvd movie, with James Purefoy, Piper Perabo, and Patrick Swayze, along with an uncredited appearance by Val Kilmer (I had to look twice, definitely him!). And so much fun. The dragon is obviously special effects, but it's a very sweet knight to the rescue adventure story for kids, so very little gore, and lots of genuine laughs for the adults. I really enjoyed this one and might get buy it.
- The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian. We haven't seen this one yet, that's tomorrow's viewing. since we enjoyed THe Lion, the witch and The Wardrobe so much, I'm really hoping this is good again.
- Scooby Doo and the Goblin King. Just out on video. My daughter watched this the first night.

All fantasy!!! all fun!

That's not all, though. I read. I finished Horizons, I'm halfway through Serious Concerns by Wendy Cope, and as a very special treat for myself, I read The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper, vol 2 in her series The Dark is Rising, and have started the next one in the series, Greenwitch. I have to say that so far, I've enjoyed The Dark is Rising much more than Over Sea, Under Stone. I like Will and his family. So I am quite happy to see Will put together with the kids from Over Sea, Under Stone in Greenwitch.

I will reviw the books later, right now the Superbowl is about to finish (wah! since I didn't care, I was cheering for Arizona Cardinals, and they've just lost), and the one hour special The Office is just about to begin.

And I got my walk in today, as it was above 0 c finally for the first time since we got back from England. It was a very quiet weekend, as my daughter and I recovered from fevers, and very enjoyable with all our movies and my fantasy books. This is what I mean by a fantasy weekend!

I hope yours was delightful, too.


chrisa511 said...

I was sad that the Cardinals lost too :( I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like Mirrormask...I absolutely loved it! But to each his own. I hope you enjoy Pan's Labyrinth! I thought it was incredible. Keep getting better Susan!!!

Susan said...

Chris: Mirrormask was strange. I have to say that I have a thing about circuses, I don't really like them. I'm not sure why. So the colours and music bothered me. I know that he was getting at illusions etc, which I do like, so we watched a fair bit of it. I'm glad you liked it! Though, the fun house aspect, and where you work, there could be a connection made, lol! :-P I can hardly wait to escape the funhouse, when I'm in them, by the way!!

I'll let you know about Pan's Labyrinth, it certainly looks interesting.

Susan said...

PS sorry about the funhouse comment, it's late. The people you help, deserve more than that. Though, I do enjoy black humour, so you can know that my nickname at work is Crazy Susan, because i laugh a lot!

Eva said...

I watched Mirrormask and got all the way through it, but I didn't like the colours/style that much. On the other hand, I LOVE Pan's Labyrinth! :)

chrisa511 said...

Don't worry Susan...I call it the funhouse all the time :p

Ana S. said...

Sorry that you didn't like Mirrormask :( The style is very different, very Dave McKean. It takes some getting used to, but in the end I liked it. And actually, it's the Mirrormask books that are based on the movie :P I hope you enjoy Pan's Labyrinth! That's one of my favourite movies.

I agree about The Dark is Rising being much better than Over Sea, Under Stone! So far I've only read the first 3 in the series, but I'm hoping to finish it this month.

DesLily said...

oh my, i have that series of books by cooper I hope to get to them sometime this year..heh.. the tbr pile is the tbr pile...

mariel said...

I loved Pan's Labyrinth, but be warned, it is very very dark! Prince Caspian is fun, much better than the first film. Enjoy!

L. Clarke said...

I really enjoyed all of David Eddings work. I loved Eric the blacksmith and his tales of heroic endurance.
David Gemmell and Druss the hero with his axe are great fantasy figures.