Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunday Salon - Carl's Sci Fi Mini Challenge

The Sunday

Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings is holding a mini-challenge this weekend, here. I almost missed it, so thanks to Eva at A Striped Armchair for posting about the short stories she'd read for it instead of doing her Sunday Salon. The rules: You simply have to read a science fiction short story some time this weekend - ok, today is left! Then leave a comment on Carl's post, and you are entered in a contest to win a book. This is part of Chris (Stuff as Dreams Are Made Of) and Robin's (A Fondness For Reading) year-long challenge in memory of Dewey (link is on my sidebar).

So I went to Carl's site, and there he provides a link to one of the best science fiction short stories I've read here, Tom Godwin's The Cold Equations. If you are looking for something good, very good, and short to read this Sunday, I recommend this. As does Carl. Warning: you might have to keep a tissue handy. Trust me. I love space exploration stories, and this one is one that gets to the very heart of space exploration:
' "It's different here; it's not like back on Earth," he said. "It isn't that no one cares; it's that no one can do anything to help. The frontier is big and here along its rim the colonies and exploration parties are scattered so thin and far between. On Woden, for example, there are only sixteen men—sixteen men on an entire world. The exploration parties, the survey crews, the little first-colonies—they're all fighting alien environments, trying to make a way for those who will follow after. The environments fight back and those who go first usually make mistakes only once. There is no margin of safety along the rim of the frontier; there can't be until the way is made for the others who will come later, until the new worlds are tamed and settled. Until then men will have to pay the penalty for making mistakes with no one to help them because there is no one to help them."'

Carl's post also has some books to look out for if you enjoy this genre, and the most amazing space photographs. I love space, and dreamed at one time of being an astronomer, until I discovered the math involved. I even tried to do it, but I simply couldn't. I can't do math. Thus ended my dream of being an astronomer, but my dream of travelling in space hasn't died!! In fact, I have a space opera story I've been writing for a little while now, I love the idea of travelling in space and exploring it so much.

This is my 200th post, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to have it be about science fiction stories, and challenges, and Dewey.

For Dewey.


Eva said...

I started my mini-challenge with that one as well, and I agree with everything that you said. :)

That being said, I really miss Dewey. I think most of the time I'm still pretending to myself that she's on a long blogging break. :\

Amy said...

I remember reading this story in school and loving it. It's stayed with me through the years. However, I recently learned there was a plaigersim scandal around it. Ah well, just adds to the intrigue I guess.

Carl V. said...

Happy 200th post! I am so glad you enjoyed the story. It really is a great one. Definitely a tissue story. One of my close friends had his wife read it and she was pretty upset with him afterwards! ;)

I'm glad you liked the space pictures. I was thrilled when the idea popped into my head as they fit the theme of the challenge so perfectly. I too love space and the idea of space travel. Space Operas are certainly among my favorite type of science fiction story...really of stories in general.

Michelle said...

Well done on your 200 posts! Here's to 200 more, and then another 200 and so on!

Emily Barton said...

Congratulations on your 200th post! (Wow, I never even thought to count mine.) And you're right: very appropriate to dedicate it to Dewey.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for commenting on J. Kaye's Book Blog. This is my first time here and what a neat blog you have! I've signed on as a follower and I'll be back often.

P.S. Love the photo of you reading. Happiness is a good book. :)

zetor said...

Hi Susan, you've been tagged. Please see my blog for details.

Chain Reader said...

I'm sorry I missed this. Sounds like a great story.

Cath said...

Sadly I missed the sci fi weekend because I was ill but have just tracked down the short story you mentioned and read it. Oh my. How brilliant but how terribly tragic too. An amazing story! Thanks for recommending it. I've bookmarked the site and plan to read a few more of the stories at some stage.

Congrats on your 200th. post!

Susan said...

eva: I know, it's hard to do Weekly geeks even though I know she would want us to.
I'm glad you like the story too. It was very different!

Amy: what scandal was around it? Certainly the site Carl sent us to, didn't mention it. I didn't think the story was that old either - not that I'm saying you're old! No! just that it made its way into the schools, usually means it has to be at least 10 or 20 years old, and it doesn't read like it is.

carl: so you like space opera stories!? I should have guessed, with Star Wars there, it's the greatest soap opera of them all - and why we all love it so much! This was such a neat idea of yours, this mini-challenge. Thank YOU!

Michelle: I'll try! My friends at work ask me how i find the time....I enjoy it, so if I miss a few days, then I miss it. I like blogging, and I love books! Here's to 200 posts from you!

Emily: too much math for me, luckily the post counter at the bottom of my blog does it for me!!! lol though now it looks like I got it wrong. Sometimes I'm amazed I got as far as Grade 10 math!! All my skills went into language, apparently.

J.Kaye: hi! and I like that photo of me too, it's what I remind myself I have to do more of each day. thanks for becoming a follower, too! I think I had your blog on before my blog crashed last summer, but there are still some book blogs I haven't recovered yet. I was glad I found my way back to yours!

zetor: thanks! I'll be right over to look :-)

chain Reader: there'll be more - if not sci-fi, there'll be the fantasy challenge,and the Hallowe'en Challenge, from Carl. Plus, becky from Becky Reads is running the 42 challenge all year, which is simply to do 42 science fiction things through the year. It's amazing how quickly that adds up! I wonder if Lost counts as sci-fi....the site for the story is still open, I think it's permanent, if you want to read it anyway.

cath: I'm sorry to hear you were ill! I hope you're feeling better. And it was an amazing story, I'm glad you went anyway and read it :-) thanks for the congrats too - it seemed easy for the most part, I wasnt' thinking about it til I noticed my blogger keeping its own stats. I guess you can say I love books1 or, I just have lots to say!! lol