Friday, 19 September 2008

Doctor Who is back!!!


He's back. Season 4. Dr Who. It started off slowly, and then built to yet another satisfying conclusion - and only 1 person died in this episode! the cutest little blobs of fat from people too. If only they did look that cute! I want the diet pill - without the final effect, of course! but that's another story.... By the end of this episode, my daughter cried because she has to wait a week until the next one, and I was smiling because the Dr is back, and I think I might like this new companion Donna, despite all my reservations.


On a book note, Holly-Anne asked if she could learn to read soon. I promised her I would sit with her tomorrow and help her copy out a sentence from the Strawberry Shortcake treasury that we have read several times to her now. she knows the alphabet, but can't recognize more than letters yet. It's fascinating to watch her in the process of learning about words, and I can hardly wait until she does see her first word!

I am in the mood for a ghost story, and The Harrowing is next up. I love this RIP3 challenge! all the ghost and horror stories I want for another 5 weeks!!

I hope you, Gentle Reader, are enjoying your cooler autumn nights, curled up with a good book, if not a good ghost story. And failing that, as several readers commented to my post yesterday, curled up watching good television (whatever we consider that to be) is a close second.

Dr Who is back!


Andrea said...

How exciting to start teaching someone to read :-) I am hoping that my future children will love reading as much as I do!

Nymeth said...

Enjoy your Doctor Who-ing :D And teaching someone to read really must be fascinating!

Chris said...

I love Dr. Who so much! I didn't see the first episode though :( It's ok though..I might just wait until it comes out on DVD and watch the whole series then. I just bought Series 1 on DVD and I'm watching them all from the beginning again. It's fun!

brideofthebookgod said...

Susan, I'm glad it's finally arrived, as I've said before you are really going to enjoy it and I guarantee that by the end of the series Donna will be a firm favourite!

Susan said...

andrea: It is fun to watch her with the letters! She is slowly making the connection that the words together mean something. So soon, I hope....

nymeth: I am! I already can't wait for next week lol and see my reply to Andrea, it really is fascinating (good word, Nymeth!) because I can see the progression from learning the alphabet to writing her name to asking to write other words, and now the final step, finding the words elsewhere.

chris: when did this season start in the US? And I got Season 1 for Christmas last year, we've been through it twice, and several episodes more often. It's so good, and fun, I agree! What do you think of Rose disappearing to the other world? My daughter is very sad at this and is grappling with why rose can't come back, a big concept for a 5 year old!

bride: I kind of already like Donna, and I did like how they went to hug at the end of episode one, but had already said they weren't going for any funny stuff, so they didn't! After Martha and Rose, nice to see the Dr doesn't switch quite that easily between women! also like the luggage, that was very cute after Rose's backpack!

Chris said...

I was sad about Rose too, but I'm just realizing that I've heard stuff about this season and um...keep watching!

Susan said...

chris: we saw Rose at the very end of this episode! And when she disappeared - well we had five minutes of tears and then endless questions about why we saw Rose and where she is and why she can't be the Dr's companion anymore! Even though Holly-Anne has seen earlier Dr Who shows - most often Tom Baker's Dr Who episodes so she knows there are 'other' Dr's and companions, for her Rose is THE companion. So everyone else is a stand-in until Rose comes back. and the ending of this episode did not help matters at all!! :-) so I had to invent an explanation that Rose is not allowed to see the Dr because that would mean there was a rift in time again -remember in season 2 ender the timeline had to be closed, so the alternate world and the real world can't connect then I had to drop that hastily because I began wondering if seeing Rose watch the Dr did mean something was happening with the timeline! Don't worry, Friday nights at 9 are Dr Who must-see tv in our house! everything stops! It's fun to know that you and Bride are out there too watching Dr Who as avidly as we are! :-)