Sunday, 29 June 2008

EW's new list of best books

Here is Entertainment Weekly's list of the 100 best books to read from 1983 to now: EW's 100 best books. Neil Gaiman also gives his best monsters, both on film and in books, here. I agree with him on Dr Who's Weeping Angels episode - I have it PVR'd and watch every so often while waiting for the dvd to come out - it's one of my all-time favourite episodes, and it is so scary and so heartbreaking at the same time, and manages to be sweet also. The angels though - you will never look at a statue - especially angel statues - the same way again! I agree also with Neil's choice of The X-files' Eugene Toombs - one of the scariest tv monsters ever. How he creeps through the sewers and unscrews the grate in Scully's bathroom, those eyes, and his horrible, horrible nest - he is gruesome, and yet he is only doing what he has to do to survive. One of the best of the first year's episodes of X-files. (I also like "Ice",from the same season, the take-off of The Thing.) And, finally, Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King's It. The first time I read the book I had problems looking in drains and toilets! would claws come up the drain like they do in the book? Creepy, creepy, and creepy again, among the very best of his books for both characters and settings. I kept seeing balloons out of the corner of my eyes, and little Bobby (George? and why can't I find my copy?) and how he talks to Pennywise through the storm drain and is pulled in *shiver* is a scene that I have never forgotten. I always want to reach into the fiction world and yell "No! don't go sail the boat!" but of course I can' of the best horror books ever (except for the stupid ending. I prefer that Pennywise just be evil incarnate). **I just found my copy. Now I've scared myself reading the opening bit when we meet Pennywise in the storm drain and how he gets George to reach in for the boat, the balloons.....

Will be back tomorrow to discuss EW's list.

I'll let you know if I dream of balloons. And now the thunderstorm finally comes, at 2 am!!!

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