Saturday, 20 October 2007

Updated 888 Book List

Well, when Mercury goes retrograde (astrologically speaking), which Mercury did last week on the 11th, snarls and confusion sometimes occur, and also revision. Well, I've ended up revising my 888 Challenge list because I realized I had left off mysteries and fantasy, which are the types of books I read most frequently. I had one pile of each sorted for the First in a Series Challenge (one ran this year which I was much too late to join, so I'm starting my own challenge for 2008!), and I knew I was going to read them I went back to my first edition and realized some were books I wanted to read, or thought I should make a category of! and revised everything. Now it's a list of books I can hardly wait to get to (but it means snow is coming, so Jan 1 2008 doesn't have to hurry too quickly!). Here is the new updated today 888 challenge book list:


i) Short Story Collections

- Northern Frights 2 – ed Don Hutchison*

- Everything's Eventual – Stephen King

- Year's Best Fantasy and Horror – 6th Annual Collection, Datlow and Windling

- Stories of Your Life and Others – Ted Chiang

- Kissing the Witch – Emma Donoghue *

- The Door in the Hedge – Robin McKinley*

- Harrowing the Dragon – Patricia McKillip

- Fragile Things – Neil Gaiman

ii) Latest Books by Favourite Authors

- Territory – Emma Bull

- Widdershins – Charles de Lint *

- Exit Music – Ian Rankin

- Ysabel – Guy Gavriel Kay

- Dragonhaven – Robin McKinley

- Piece of My Heart – Peter Robinson *

- The Fabric of Sin – Phil Rickman

- Something Rotten – Jasper Fforde

iii) Classic Literature

- Ulysses – James Joyce

- Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte *

- Persuasion – Jane Austen *

- O Pioneers – Willa Cather

- Beowulf

- Middlemarch – George Eliot

- Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte *

- The Iliad - Homer

iv) Fairy Tales (original and re-written, short story collections and novels)

- Enchantment – Orson Scott Card

- Fitcher's Brides – Gregory Frost

- Kissing the Witch – Emma Donoghue *

- The Bloody Chamber – Angela Carter

- Black Heart, Ivory Bones – eds Datlow and Windling

- The Door in the Hedge – Robin McKinley *

- The Classic Fairy Tales – Iona and Peter Opie

- Beauty and the Beast – Mary Jo Napoli

v) Non-Fiction

- Canadian Settler's Guide – Catherine Parr Traill *

- Life of Charlotte Bronte – Mrs Gaskell

    - 1599 A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare – James Shapiro

    - Journal of a Solitude – May Sarton *

- Tarot for Yourself – Mary K. Greer

- The Psychic Pathway – Sonia Choquette

- Crossing to Avalon – Jean Shinoda Bolen

- Goddess Initiation – Francesca De Grandis

    vi)Mysteries ( all are also First in a Series Challenge books)

    -Louisiana Hotshot – JulieSmith

    -Blind-Sighted – Karin Slaughter

    - Murder in Grub Street – Bruce Alexander

    - Death & the Oxford Box – Veronica Stallwood

    - The Shape of Water – Andrea Camilleri

    - Turnstone – Graham Hurley

    - Death in the Off-Season – Francine Mathews

    - Every Dead Thing – John Connolly

vii)Popular Books I've Been Meaning to Read....

- Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke

- Obsidian Butterfly – Laurell K. Hamilton

- A Long Way Down – Nick Hornby

- White Teeth – Zadie Smith

- She's Come Undone – Wally Lamb

- The Bean Trees – Barbara Kingsolver

- Sixpence House – Paul Collins

- The end of Elsewhere – Taras Grescoe *

*alternate, Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky

viii) Fantasy – (all are in 1st in a Series Challenge)

    - Shaman's Crossing – Robin Hobb

    - The Weirdstone of Brisingamen – Alan Garner

    - The Sharing Knife – Lois McMaster Bujold

    - A Wizard of Earthsea – Ursula K. LeGuin

    - Over Sea, Under Stone – Susan Cooper

    - Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris

    - Moon Called – Patricia Briggs

    - Knight Errant – R. Garcia Y Robertson

    Stars mean the book is linked to another book challenge. Bold books are cross-listed here - sadly I only have two now. I could have cheated and put less other books to be read in other categories, but I WANT to read them and intend to! so I might as well get credit for it! And it makes it a real book challenge, 62 books to read in 2008, plus the Can Book Challenge - 13 books (minus whatever I read between now and Jan 1 2008). so at least the fantasy and mystery categories now count for the First in A Series Book Challenge!!!

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